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Heyyyy so this is the final form of my base notes. This contiand spoilers, data, and basic info for all my characters and the story they are in. This will probably be revised a billion times but is so much better than the first round. Of course if ya don't like it, Don't read it.

Other / Fantasy
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Beginning :)

Heyyyyoooo this is basically my universe, my characters and will contains so many spoilers for so many things but like I want to put my full energy in this before I write them into a story. I love all these characters more than anything, they are my favorite things to do an escape with. They ARE NOT finished and never will be, they will continue to grow through out the list. There will be more characters as I continue to make OCs of this universe, there will be information of Species, history, the universe, languages, and even religions that I have made up after my OCs. This world has many cultures and things that I have in my imagination, it will take a while for me to write it all down.

But in the mean time


They are fun to read, I wanna know feedback.

These emojis will be in the title of each of the 'chapter' names :)

❌- finished, this character/thing is done :)
🔷- in the works/unfinished :)
🟧- is being focused on (will be done quicker)
❕- needs relationships done but otherwise done.
♦- REWRITE. I need to rewrite.
📢🛑⚠️TW: Abuse, sexual abuse, rape, toxic relationships, mental abuse, eating disorders, mental disorders that are shown in an extreme case, and death, (Also gore but that was to be expected)

If you are sensitive to any of the above please don't read this, it will trigger you. ALSO, all the mental disorders shown in my book aren't from a perspective of an extreme case. You should not take any of these disorders at face value in this story, study on your own time.⚠️🛑📢
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