Oc's (Final notes)

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Killers (Group)

(Leader )
She basically plans everything and is in charge of all these people she also has the final word no matter what is happening
(2nd command)
She is who is in charge when Lynthe is gone but she is also 2nd strongest in this group, she is in charge of keeping one in check and making sure there are no moles and when there are taking care of them, as well as finding new members.
(Leaders Wife)
She basically handles a lot of the transportation and clean up she also has a
huge part of how they look and their image.
(Seductress & Spy)
Since she was trained as an assassin she is one of the main spys where she can infiltrate a group and seduce the leader and gain information like that, she also is one of the distractions.
(Chemist & caretaker & doctor)
She takes care of everyone like her children she also creates poison and since she is such a nurturing person she can play good cop when it comes for interrogations. She is kinda like their Ace.
(Drug supplier & financial personnel)
She sells and buys drugs and deals with their financials, she deals with the bars, strip club, businesses, and clubs they own.
(Chemist & Hacker)
She loves complex poisons so she really liked chemistry she helps out chealsy all the time but most the time she is stuck in her computer room, she can hack into almost everything.
(Torture & muscle & get away)
She is gruesome and she is only serious when fighting alone. She is almost to powerful when fighting. Get away driver sometimes
(Book keeper & intelligence)
She is in charge of evidence she is in charge of connecting the dots and burning any evidence they ever existed.
(Therapist & psychological profiler)
She can go in a room with someone in break them psychologically and then rebuild them she also helps with the others mentalities, she also nannies for any of the kids in the group.
(Spy & Stalker basically)
She gathers intell to bring back, she works in the field most times and was trained in hand to hand combat
(Double agent & doctor)
She is the main doctor for them but it isn't uncommon for her to go undercover.

Group name- Killers
Moral code- Kill for pay, hired to take down and kill who they need to, no killing kids, be careful and clean. Don't be caught, when you are don't get persecuted.
1. Obey what Lynthe says. She over rules ALL commands.
2. Spare all children or innocent
3. If the person is an abuse victim who is under 17 telling or paying to kill their abuser do it for free.
4. Honesty. Don't tell a lie just say can't tell ya.
5. Respect the people who give you things & everyone's identity.
Lynthe(leader)feared- 100% respected- 100%
Scarlette(right hand woman)
Chealsy- (left hand woman)
How it formed- Lynthe wanted to start the organization.
End result (they want)- Total control. Money. And stop abusers in general.
Allies- Everybody, nobody., 2nd Gen gods, (not really but they do join forces when needed) kidnapped family.
Enemies- Military. The world in general.
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