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Water droplets cascaded down his eyebrows onto his cheekbone slowly, leaving a fading trail behind it upon his already wet skin. But he paid it no mind. His reddened eyes brimmed with tears and conflicting emotions never strayed from the girl standing in front of him. He couldn't hear her over rainstorm over their head, so he opted to carefully read her lips as they moved against each other. As she mouthed those words. His heart skipped a beat and he heard it as it began to thud loudly in his ears. The words she uttered. "I Love You"

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A young woman was perched on a stool close by the window. The enthralling luminosity of the new moon was shone brightly across the honey coloured skin. Hooded eyes followed the delicate slow strokes of the brush clutched in her tiny but firm grasp.

Soft breeze blew through the open window ruffling her dark hairs which were loosely tied with a band.

A irritated huff escaped her lips as she tucked the loose strands behind her ear and looked at the half done painting. Onyx hued eyes focused on the human in the painting. The silhouette of a man, who appeared to be waiting for someone, sat on a huge rock in the clearing of the half done forest next to a flowing river with one hand resting on his folded knee and other lying on his side, his face facing forward.

It was a full moon in her painting too.

Dipping the brush into the glass of water before coating it with another paint, she began to taint the white background with shades of green and blending them together with the dark night sky in the painting.

A content sigh escaped her smooth lips when she was almost done with the artwork after a while.

Setting down the palette she stood up untying her apron the silky dress followed her movements as it settled on her body accentuating her curves.

Standing on her tippy toes she stretched her feet and walked out of her room popping her knuckles as her mother kept calling her for dinner.

Unaware of the intense gaze focused solely on her.

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