The Rejected Tribrid

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Artemis Nightshade Black, a tribrid girl who found her mate at the age of 18. He was the Alpha King, Xavier Romano. She masked her scent because everyone in her pack thought that she was only a simple omega who couldn’t shift. Artemis knew that if her pack knew she could shift, she would be slaved, sold and unspeakable things could be done to her, just so they can see her limit. That’s why she didn’t tell them, they already beat her enough each day, she didn’t want it to intensify. That was until she found her mate. She thought he would take care of her but he only dismissed her because he thought she was human. Being the Alpha king meant having a powerful mate. Artemis wasn’t, and least he thought she was. What will happen when Artemis runs away and joins another pack and becomes the head warrior there? What happens when they meet again and Xavier finds out who Artemis really is? Will he chase her and love her? Or will he reject her and hate her? Read to find out.

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Artemis - My Life

Artemis POV
I was startled awake by a voice yelling at me and something cold splashing on me. I jolted up from my ‘bed’ in a sitting position - my bed was basically just a bunch of hay held together by a rope and covered by a piece of dirty, torn cloth. My blanket was only a thin piece of material that didn’t help with the cold weather in the cells.

The voice turned out to be the Alpha of this pack, Alpha Jordan.

Me being the only omega in the Moon Eclipse Pack, people treated me like shit. They would beat me, whip me, drown me, make me do chores, and if I didn’t, then oh boy would the beatings get worse. Thankfully, they have never raped or sexually assaulted me. I wanted to keep myself for my mate. By the way, I’m not mated or even meet my mate yet.
The only person who is actually nice to me is the Luna, Luna Arabella.

Not that I’ll actually know who my mate is since I’m still not 18.

Everyone in the werewolf community, who is of age, got to attend the annual mating ball held by the Alpha King and his family.

I’ve never been to one of those balls before, since I’ll only be turning 18 two days from now.

I was told The Alpha King was so frightening that one glare from him would turn you into a submissive mess of your knees in front of him.

Thank the Goddess I’ve never met him. I don’t want that happening to me.

Alpha Jordan couldn’t keep me from going to the ball because every single werewolf, mated or not, has to go there. The alpha king keeps tabs on everyone in the kingdom and outside it. Anyone missing from the ball , the alpha of their pack would have to pay.

You see, The Alpha King doesn’t have a mate, which makes him more angry and his anger issues more uncontrolled. He has been looking for a mate since he was 18, he’s 24 now, they say his anger has been getting the better of him every day and his sanity might be slipping without his mate by his side.

At least that’s what I hear.

I got out of my thoughts when Alpha Jordan started screaming at me to get my ass of the bed and go make him and the entire pack house breakfast before he makes me ‘pay for keeping him hungry’.

There are only 50 people living in the Pack house, the others live in houses of their own, inside Alpha Jordan’s territory of course.

I got up with a chorus of ‘wake up you little slut’ and ‘how dare you keep me waiting for my breakfast, you’ll pay’.

The Alpha brought the whip on my bare back, slicing through the flesh. I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing me cry or scream, so I kept silent and endured the horrible torture going through my body.

Going through the everyday torture was horrible and tiring. My back would be full of cuts and bruises and my hands would be cut from cleaning the broken glass, that some of the pack members ‘accidentally’ dropped, my face would be sore and red markings from people slapping my cheeks and my spine and neck would be tired of bending down to fetch things from the floor, through the day.

I was always malnourished from not eating too and my bones were shone through my skin, which made me look bony and very skinny. Although all that, my body still managed to grow some curves; I had C-cup breasts, a slim waist and fair hips.

My life sucked, but it wasn’t always like this, no. I used to live in a house, surrounded by loving parents and an annoying twin brother who I love so much, when I was then taken away.

The moon eclipse pack took me away after slaughtering my parents and brother. I was 10 at the time, that’s when the beatings and my horrible life started, my parents were mildly abusive: only hitting and sometimes slapping, but definitely not this. The memory was still fresh in my mind but I don’t want to think about because it would make me cry too much. And I didn’t want to show any sign of weakness.

My schedule was simple:
1. Wake up by Alpha Jordan’s screams and beatings.
2. Go down to the kitchen and cook for 52 people.
3. Get beaten again (for no apparent reason).
4. Do your chores and obey everyone.
5. Get beaten at night again.
6. The Luna would show up and heal me.
7. Nightmare- infested sleeps.
8. Repeat.

Welcome to my life.

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