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The Rejected Tribrid

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Artemis - Attempting To Get Dolled Up

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I didn't know what to write.

Artemis POV

Today is the day in which everyone from the pack gets to go shopping for the ball, the expenses would be funded by the Luna, as I would be going with the Luna Arabella, the Luna of my pack. She's so nice and kind to me, and she also helps me clean my wounds and heal when Alpha Victor beats me.

You see, Alpha Victor and Luna Arabella are not mates, Luna Arabella found her mate a long time ago but he died, so Alpha Victor took pity on her and decided to make her his mate.

I was in my cellar, and from today on, there was going to be no more beatings; not beause Alpha Victor realised he was being cruel, but because he wants to look good in front of the other Alphas who are going to the ball, and abusing a minor she-wolf is not a good look for him.

Luna Arabella was supposed to come down here to pick me up and get me out of here so the choreographers can take my body measurements and help me pick out a design and colour for my dress. There will also be makeup artists and hair stylists so they can figure out which hairstyle is better to hide my scars at the ball and which makeup brand I might be allergic to and help figure out how to cover all of the cuts and bruises that might be showing through my haird and the dress.

This is going to be some busy 3 days.

Luna Arabella had collected me from my cellar in the basement used for torturing rogues and we had gotten upstairs to her chambers, and me (of course) getting some insults and food thrown at me. I didn't react to them as I was used to it.

Once Luna Arabella and I have reached Luna Arabella chamber's, she sat me down and explained some things that needed to be done before the ball. I listened intently to what she had to say because I didn’t want to be beaten up after the ball.

“Alright, Artemis, today I will have a few makeup artists and hair-stylers especially so they can figure out what to do with your hair and makeup so the scars and bruises will be covered, ok dear?” I nodded in understanding. Luna Arabella nodded back at me,”the stylists and makeup artists shall be arriving here in 2 hours. Will that be enough for you to take a shower?”

“Yes, Luna Arabella,” I said, whilst baring my neck.

I felt a hand on my neck and found it was Luna Arabella,”Look at me, dear. There is no need to do bare your neck like that; you’re my ball lady now. You'll be respected just as much as I am, alright? Oh! and this is your room for you to stay in for the next three days until you find your mate, okay dear?" I mumbled a quick yes and thank you and looked around the room.

The room was black, grey, gold and silver. My favourite colour scheme. The four-poster Queen bed looked comfy with the black linen sheets and blanket, on each of the bedside tables sat a gold candle-holder and there were two candles inside them, I like to sleep with absolutely no light around. My glasses and books were already there, so I don't have to go back to the cells and get them. The wardrobe was black with straight gold streaks going through it from all directions and crossing over each other. The vanity was black with gold and silver circles on it. The mirror was rectangular and had spherical lights surrounding it. The rug under the bed was black with lines and circles of gold, gray and silver on it, making a good contrast with the dark-coloured wooden floorboards. Paintings adorned the walls, giving them some much-needed decoration. The paintings were replicas of my favourites like Starry Night by Van Gogh and The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci and more. Mirrors of various shapes and sizes were hung on the walls staring at my dazzled expression. Three of those mirrors formed a scalene triangle, they were circular with spikes splurting out of them. The spikes ended with circle of fake emeralds, adding little touches of elegance to the room.

In short, it was beautiful.

I thought it was too beautiful and luxurious for me. ME....The omega, whose family has been killed right in front of her, who suffered emotional and physical abuse since she was nine, who had scars and bruises than any other wolf out there.

Honestly, it was laughable.


I took a shower in 10 minutes, as I am/was an omega, I don't know my status as of now, so I can never take more than 15 minutes in the shower, 10 minutes for showering and 5 for dressing, it is what it is, though I like to take a dip in the lake when I don't have any duties or I'm not secretly training with either the witches or vampires.

You see, I'm what people in the supernatural word call a tribrid, not only that, bur I'm also a demigod, daughter of Hades, the God of the Underworld and the dead. Tribrids are extremly powerful creatures with the powers of three supernatural creatures. In my case, it's werewolf, witch and vampire, leaving alone my demigod powers of raising the dead, traveling through shadows and my hatred towards any source of light and sunlight (not really a super power but....eh). All this power was hard to control and make sense of, until a witch came with a prophecy telling me what I am. The next day, a man came, claiming he was my real father. Hades. I didn't believe him so I asked him to show me proof, he did and I beleived him. Using the help of some of the most powerful witches and vampires, father taught me how to control my powers.

When I got out of the shower wearing a PJ I had picked from th closet, consisting of a short-sleeved, black shirt and polca-dotted black shorts, Luna Arabella was on the bed with 8 other people, men and women. They turned to face me, their expressions curious and intense, burning through me, making me feel naked under their heated gazes. I shifted my eyes to the ground feelign uncomfortable and put my arms around myself. I looked up again, only to find them walking towards me, smiling. Such change of attitude, huh?

I just looked back at them curiously until one of them spoke, a man, wearing a purple leopard-print blouse and straight-leg pants. His hair was platinum blonde and his eyes an icy blue, they had perfectly-done, purple eyeshadow around them with perfect, winged eyeliner. He looked fabulous, might I say. "Hello, darling." British accent. "Hi," I said, sounding a bit unsure of what to do, because I did... Like, what would you do if there were 12 people just..... Staring at you?

"Oh! You're so pretty! Look at that hair! So dark it would charm anyone! Oh, what a lovely mate you'll have, young lady." I just looked around, panicked. I never knew how to accept a compliment without looking like an absolute fool. "Uh... Thank you?" See? Awkward. The man just laughed and said, "Oh my Goddess! Your eyes are the most wonderful colour I've ever seen! Silver! Not even gray, but silver! Am I seeing it correct or are my eyes decieving me?" I wasn't sure why everyone around me would comment on my silver eyes and ask if their eyes are seeing things right, for me, it was just another reason I get bullied. "Yes, they are silver, and please don't comment much on them." I once thought that my eyes were special and beautiful, but after all the bullying, I didn't like any part of myself, eyes, hair, nose, mouth or body. However, I didn't miss the lust-filled glances males and some females in the pack gave me. After all, I do have a very slim, toned body- C-cup breasts, slim waist, fair hips, long, jet-black hair, shining, one-silver-and-one-gold eyes, strong jawline, high cheekbones, upturned nose, full, red lips, long, slim fingers and perfect nails, six packs and long, toned legs with muscles and curves in all the right places, I believed I was beautiful.

"Oh alright, how about we get started? I'm Artie, you hair stylist. This right there is Sameul, but he likes to be called Sam, he is Luna Arabella's makeup artist" Artie pointed to a man with a buzz cut, muscles and perfect winged eyeliner, I waved and said hi, "This is Emma, she's your makeup artist," I waved to the goth looking girl with shoulder-length, brown hair and striking, green eyes. "This is John and his twin sister Jesse, they're going to be your choreagraphers and they're going to also help you pick out a dress." Again, I waved at the twins - John had dark, brown hair and sea-green eyes, his sister Jesse had the same hair and eyes, excpet she was female, with, obviously, curves and a feminine body. "This is Jack, he'll be your hair stylist," Jack had gray eyes, a trimmed beard and blonde hair, styled in a single french braid going into a man bun on the top of his head. "I'm Luna Arabella's hair stylist, while Steve is her choreographer." I nodded, this was a lot of people and I wasn't the best at remebering names. Artie Led me to the vanity with John, Jesse and Emma. "Alright, so for the next three days, we will be experimenting different makeup palets and colours to see what would look better on you, we will also be picking a dress for you to wear to the ball and also measuring your body in order for us to make the dress itself. We'll try our best to hide the scars Alpha Jordan has caused you and we'll also be trying different hairstyles to see which would look better with your dress and makeup. Alright?"

"Yes, let's start with the dress and then move on to everything else, alright?" A chorus of 'yeses' came from everyone in the room while I just nodded, looking at my reflection on the plane, smooth surface of the mirror. Looking back at me, was a girl, she looked so much like me - same hair, same eyes, same nose, and even the same body - what she didn't look like in me was the sad and foreign look in her eyes, she looked miserable.

She looked like the weight of the world was crushing down on her chest making her unable to breath or even get a break. She looked as if she was put throguh hell and came back. This girl... was different. She was me, but... She also wasn't me.

I remember this nine year old, happy, little girl with tiny braids that were decorated with flowers. I remember how this nine year old girl would twirl around the garden in a flowery summer dress singing melodies that the birds would sing with her. She was so lively and brought a smile to everyone's faces. And now... I don't know her anymore.

Artie made me stand on a little stool and Jesse and John told me to spread my hands on either side of me. I obliged and then John started measuring my arms while Jesse measured my chest. Once they were done with each piece of me, they moved onto another one - Jesse measuring my waist and John measuring my legs and so on.

After the twins were done measuring, Jesse showed me some dress designs and asked me which one I would like.

There was a royal blue, sweetheart line dress with diamonds adorning the chest and waist area, it ended in a big puffy skirt. I didn't really like it. So she showed me another one, this time, it was a silk, royal green dress with a plunging neckline and a slit going up to my middle thighs. I thought it was too revealing so I didn't really think I'd pull it off. The next dress was gorgeous - it was a silk, midnight black, sweetheart line dress, the waist area had a silk, black sort of belt so that it would stick to my waist. It ended with a black maxi skirt-like thing that was straight and pooled onto the floor, another good feature the dress had, was that it had a silk, black cape, the area on my shoulders where the cape hung from, there were diamonds and another jewel that was black.

It was so beautiful and I immediately fell in love, so I chose it. "Good choice, girl. I love it." Jesse shouted. I winced from her voice ringing in my ears but smiled at her and said, "Thanks." I looked over at John and I could see that he was looking me up and down, I felt uncomfortable under his piercing gaze so I cleared my throat. He looked into my eyes and gave me a thumbs up indicating that he approves and likes it. "My, my, my! You look Beautiful darling!" I look down in embarrassment, "Now, let's choose the makeup, ok?" Emma, my makeup artist, nodded, "Ok." That's me, I don't like to talk much, and if I did, I'll probably speak anything on my mind until the person I'm speaking with is hurt by my blunt honesty. I don't mean to hurt anyone but it's just that I like to speak whatever is on my mind, because I don't think sugarcoating things makes it any better.

Let's get onto the makeup, shall we?

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