The Holy love

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The story is about a mafia gangster, who got obsessed with a Muslim girl. The girl is innocent and doesn't really care about things happening around her and only focuses on her own work. The boy is trillionaire and always get everything he wants "Doesn't matter by hook or by crook".

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Chapter 1

Monday morning 9am
A female shouted from downstairs.
afaf : mom I am coming.... Just wait for a minute...
Adara : girl you are saying it for the last 10 minutes.

Afaf was getting ready since today was her first day of university. Her best friend "kaiden" was waiting for her downstairs.
Afaf's mother "adara" was making breakfast for afaf.
After getting ready she went downstairs and imidiately hugged her bestie.

Kaiden : hye fairy... What's up...
Afaf : hello Kai.. nothing but you know mom do not understand that now we are not in college but in university and we can go to uni whenever we want...
She said with a little pout and look at her mother.
Kaiden laugh at her behaviour.

Adara : yeah but you cannot ruined your schedule ok.... Today is your first day and you are getting late already.
Afaf : mom... I am not getting late.. We still have 1 hour...
Adara : ok now sit down and eat your breakfast silently
Kaiden : yeah aunty is right... You should eat your breakfast and then we will go to uni....
Afaf sat silently eating her breakfast like an obedient child.....

??? : love get up.... Your friends are waiting downstairs and you are still sleeping....
An elder lady in her late 50s spoke sweetly to the man sleeping comfortably on his large king sized bed.

??? : mom noooooo... Not yet I wanna sleep more...
Daisy : no dylan, get up its rude to make your friends wait for you... They are waiting for last 1 hour and here you are still sleeping
Dylan : let them wait... I don't care just let me sleep.
Daisy : that's why I say not to go around for late night parties but you never listen to me.

Someone shouted from the other room.
Daisy : WAIT I AM COMING DOMINIC. Dylan get up already.
After shouting back to her husband and asking Dylan to wake up, she went out of his room, closing the door behind. As soon as the door closed, all the sounds coming from outside stopped. Dylan abruptly sit down on his bed while rubbing his face with his hands.

Dylan : argh fuck it.... Why does nobody let me sleep.... Argh
He growled loudly while cursing few words.
He stand up lazily and went to the bathroom. After taking warm shower he come back with a towel wrapped around his torso. A beautiful girl in maid dress was standing in his room with a tray.
Maid : S-sir here is y-your morning coffee
The girl stuttered and didn't dared to look into his eyes.
Dylan : and who the hell give you permission to come inside my room.
Maid : I k-knock but I-I didn't get any r-respond
She stutter again

Dylan : if you didn't receive any respond then you could have got yourself out of here and I am giving you last chance never do that again. And tell this to others as well GET IT
He shouted the last part which made the girl flinch.
Maid : y-yes S-sir
She put the tray on the table and hurriedly went out of the room.
Dylan : stupid... Cheap.... Low class peoples
He mumble few heartless word under his breath before going to the closet and wearing his black shirt and black ripped jeans with lots of silver chains. He wear a black leather jacket and stand Infront of the mirror while doing his hair. After getting ready he went downstairs while whistling.

??? : oh there he is my buddy....
Dylan : hye kain... What's up buddy
Dylan said while doing a bro hug.
Kain : brooo you take sooo long to get ready
Dylan : oh did I
Kain : yeah
Dylan : yeah yeah whatever..... Let's eat our breakfast in university's cafe
Kain : yeah let's go
Daisy : no you are not going. Anywhere until you finish your breakfast.
Daisy said to her son.

Dylan : for God sake mom I am not kid I said that we will eat our breakfast in university so that's it.... Please do not ruin my mood...
He said with gritted teeth.
Kain : aunty you don't have to worry I will make sure that he eat his breakfast.

Daisy : yeah you better make sure of it because I might come to the university if this guy does not eat anything.
Dylan : mom stop it already.. let's go kain
He speak annoyed.... Taking one of the car keys he immediately went out of the hall..
Going to the garage.... He press the unlock button ten on key... One of the car beeped. He went towards it
Kain : so today we are going to take black lambo... Hmmm...
Dylan : yeah lucky me...

Entering the University, afaf looked little nervous. Kaiden notices afaf's fiddling finger so she hugged her
Kaiden : don't worry fairy... Nothing bad will happen...
Afaf : no... Its just I am not liking the vibes I am getting from here
Afaf spoke nervously...
Kaiden : and mind telling me what type of vibes you are getting
Afaf : I-I mean look around.... Usually universities are really full and people sitting here and there talking like there is no tommorow.... But here.... People are whispering to each other like if they speak little loudly they will be thrown out of the university......

Kaiden : you are just hallucinating things.
Afaf : yeah it might be that way.... Ok forget it. Let's start our first day with good mood...
Kaiden : yeah.... Let's goo..
The two girls went towards the main assembly hall of the University.
Afaf : yeah lots of work to do
Afaf said while walking inside the University.

There was hella silence when 3 cars arrived in the college. There was a black lambo in the middle with 2 range rovers following it behind.
Dylan came out of his car with his best friend kain.
Kain : let's go to the cafeteria.
Dylan : why there are lot more students today
Kain : oh they are the new comers
Dylan look at kain and evily smirk.
Dylan : new comers ahah.
Dylan's guard followed him from behind.

After finishing all the forms the 2 girls have to fill and registering their classes, the 2 girls went straight cafeteria but to their surprise there was a hella silence in the cafeteria. Nobody was looking up toward who ever come. All was focusing on their own food.
Afaf felt soo bad about this.

Afaf : kai... Kai... Let's go from here.
Afaf said while looking at the people and then at her bestie since she always call her kai and kaiden call her fairy.

Kaiden : what happen to you girl... Let's go buy food and then we will go towards the benches in the fields.
Kaiden voice was so loud or maybe it was because of silence in the cafeteria.

Afaf : I am not feeling well let's go out kai
This time afaf whispered rather than speaking normally.
Kaiden : fairy.. Calm down and do not start with your hallucinations again.
Afaf : kai
She glared at kaiden to which kaiden laugh
Kaiden : ok let's go at least buy our food first I am soo hungry right now.

The 2 girls were too much engrossed in talking to each other that they forget that they were in cafeteria where everyone was now looking at them with wide eyes.
Afaf and kaiden look at them. Afaf got nervous and confused which make her look down meanwhile kaiden glared at them and giving them "what do you want look".

There was a deep silence.
Dylan and his best friend were sitting at the middle table in the cafeteria. Dylan's bodyguards were on the side tables wearing black suits.
Dylan : Jack... Jason come sit with us
He said to his right and left hand men.
The 4 boys sat at the table and Dylan raise a hand to which a boy came running towards him.
Boy : hello sir what would you like
Dylan : a black coffee with no sugar.
The other 3 guys ordered there food.

After finishing their food. The boys sat there talking about their important business.
Dylan : Jack give me the reports about the shipping
Jack : boss... We have already ship the four large containers but the 2 containers were stolen by the balcas
Dylan : how dare those bastards mess with me. I think someone is asking for death.
Jason : boss and about the shipping of the drugs, the shipping was successful but
Dylan : but. What
Jason : but when it reaches on its place someone throw a bomb at it.
Dylan shouted angrily at the guy Infront of him and stands up from his seat. But nobody in the cafeteria dare to look up.

They guys were speaking lowly so nobody could hear em as they were talking about illegal things.
When everyone went silent and Dylan was trying to control his anger, he heard voices coming from the door and look towards the door.
Dylan heard a girl voice and tried to look at her face but couldn't since she was back facing him. But then he realised that the girl break one of his rule. And the rule was
"whenever he is in the university, nobody should say a word specially when he is sitting Infront of you and can hear you"

Dylan felt like disrespected since nobody ever dared to break his rules but then he notices that the girl was wearing an oversized white hoodie and sweatpants. He notices her head scarf and smirk.
Kain knew what he is thinking right now soo he abruptly stands up and stopped him.
Dylan was about to go towards her but kain stopped him by grabbing his hand.
Dylan : what are you doing kain leave my hand
Kain : you know I know what are you thinking of doing and it's bad and disrespectful

Dylan agot annoyed.
Dylan: and what am I thinking mind explaining it to me
Kain : I know you are going to humiliate her by pulling that scarf off her head.. Innit??
Dylan smirk and said
Dylan : oh you know me better kain.
Kain : don't do that... Its disrespectful and you know that...
Dylan : it's not like I care....
Kain : well do whatever you want but not now please just listen to me for once.
Dylan : do not please Infront of me
Kain : ok but you need to listen to me
Dylan : ok then just this once but that doesn't mean that I let this pretty little thing go.... Hmmmm
Dylan said to which kain sighed...

Dylan sat on his chair back on his seat looking at the girl in all white like she is an angel.... He keep on looking at the 2 girls...
When afaf turned around to go to the old lady who was looking down and trying to cut the pizza with her tumbling hand, Dylan's saw her and again an evil smirk played on his lips.
Dylan : pretty little thing ahah...
He mumble under his breath but kain heard it and look towards Dylan with soo done look.
Kain notices that 1 girl looks uncomfortable but the other one was glaring at everyone who was looking at them.

Afaf : kai.... Let's buy pizza hmmm and get out of here..
Kaiden yeah yeah fairy....

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