THE TOCHU ( in progress )

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This is a work of progress of my fictional religion

Red Devils
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The spirit realm and hikall and tikall

The spirit realm Is a place where forgotten, new sprits, and unfulfilled spirits ,also fulfilled spirits start pending and ultimately go to their designated area. They can be sent to hikall tikall reca (heck ,heaven ,and recantation ) or, very rarely, earth to become a wandering spirit (also known as a ghost) . There is also mistaken spirits which unethically make there way to earth from the spirit realm
Once a “good” fulfilled spirit goes to Tikall they get to live out any possibility they want to. Then, they become one with the universe and God which is one with the universe
Once a “bad” fulfilled spirit goes to hekell they will be shamed by the God after getting 50 to 100 different body’s to live in. They will never become one with the universe. They exist in shame.
Once you are one with the universe you have no stress, fear, anger, and sadness. you just feel relieved, happy, and full of peace
The rules of tochu:
.people that don’t be treated the same as people who don’t

.we need to except people not like us

.we cannot not expect someone because there beliefs

.we should be selfless

No none of these rules are options there requirements

An unfulfilled spirit will be sent to Reca we’re there last life will be tallied to see what the new personality trates will be, and then they will be recarnated.
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