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It is a story of a painful reality that not everybody will have their ideal happy ending. A story of facing challenges and accept flaws. Encounter insecurities and women empowerment.

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Since childhood, we have been programmed to think that a happy ending is when the princess would marry the love of her life and live happily ever after.

While growing up, I have been fond of watching cartoons, Disney movies with happy ever after. Even seeing my parents loving each other extremely day by day. How my father would kiss my mother's lips everyday and say words of adoration and love. How he would shower her with hugs, gifts and his time.

Even my uncles and aunts showed me how lovely it is to love and be love.

I have been into crushes since the day I entered school. Too early for a kid who's primary obligation is to pay attention to the teacher, study and move to the next chapter.

"Mama, crush ko po si Justice po."

"Bakit baby?"

" Na help niya po ako kanina mag-color!"

She laughed at my response.

I didn't know if it's a real crush or something.

High school came and I was still in the trance of the definition of happy ending that I was showed when I was young and carefree.

"Anak, breakfast?" I could smell the delicious foods served on the table.

"Hindi na po, 'my. As school na lang po."

I then put my bag on my shoulder then exited the house.

Our driver was the one to bring me to school but we grab a breakfast deal at Jollibee before arriving at school.

I started walking to my classroom, the plastic of take out on my right hand.

"Hi, Isla!"

I smiled.

I was known in this school because they label me as the 'smart kid'.

When I arrived, I sat on my place and took out the food then ate.

It's not that I don't want my mom's cooking but I feel like eating from fast-foods a lot plus it's not like taking a lot of my time. I always do breakfast late and I do it at school, mostly. Sometimes, mommy would make me baon for breakfast until snack.

The school started like as always, at 8:00 am. Like clockwork.

I put out my two pencil case and my notebook.

I'm fond of designing or making my notes pretty. I have one pencil case for my highlighters and the other are for the colored pens plus correction tape. I also have a punch for my other stationery which I used oftentimes.

"Isla, can I borrow your notes later? Mga 30 minutes lang. I'll just copy yung not ko natapos."
She's fidgeting.

" Sa library lang naman ako. " She continued.

"Sure!" I agreed.

Everyone comes up to me for notes and answers but I only give them the notes.

Lunch time came and I decided to just eat a full meal since I still wasn't satisfied with the breakfast I ate.

It was a chaotic cafeteria. Everyone is busy.

Pumila ako but then before I could take another step forward, someone pushed me and a cold liquid was poured onto me.

"Wawa naman si Piggy." Bianca said mockingly.

"Dapat huli ka sa pila, freak." Dionne added.

" Beauty before pigs. " Perry their leader uttered and they all laughed.

I was left last.

"Anong sayo, miss?"

"Uhm, burger na lang po tsaka soda."
I took out my wallet and gave the payment.

"Keep the change na po, ate." I told her.

I went to the rooftop and ate my burger silently.

Ayaw kong umiyak. I'm strong. I need to be strong.

After changing my uniform, which I thankfully have at my locker, I proceeded to another class.

"Okay class, see you next meeting!"
And that was our last teacher.

I was fixing my things when suddenly, a guy appeared.



"Sorry." Then covered my eyes.

It was all darkness for a few minutes until it was removed and things were thrown to me.

"Bagay lang 'yan sayo. You don't even belong here."



" Akala mo mayaman, pokpok!"

I feel very sticky and wet. I didn't let them finish their deed and ran away. My feet led me to the garden. I sat in one of the benches there and just cried.

It was like that for a few seconds until someone covered my eyes. When it was removed, a handkerchief now lies in my hand.

I used it to dry up my tears.

"Thank you." I didn't know if he or could hear it.

Manong Caloy was shocked to see my state but didn't talked.

"Isla, anak! What happened to you?"

"Nothing, 'my." Her eyes tells me she's not convinced.

" Go and fix yourself na anak tapos sa garden tayo magmeryenda."

I nodded. I took off my dirty uniform then showered.

As I was dressing, I remembered the handkerchief.

I sat on the edge of my bed and pulled it from my uniform.

I look for any signs of who the owner might be. I will have this washed then returned.

All it has is the initials, K.E.D

Who could you be?

K.E.D was the first human I've fell in love without even seeing what he/she looks like.

The feeling's heavenly.

But what if my definition of happy ending changes as I grow older?

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