The Warrior Princess

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With a dented halo, broken wings and the most perfect smile, she was a perfect image of hell and heaven mixed together. Nobody knows who she is or what she looks like but those who do they worship the ground she walks on. Tiana is a very bubbly, cute and wanna be kind of girl. Straight A student with a kind heart . One who know her cant help but love her. Its in her aura, her laugh, her smile, that you cant help but love her. Nobody knows the demons that lie beneath the covers. The demons she own inside out. The one that emerges at night. Moretti a well know family. The leaders of Italian mafia. Money, power, luxuries you name it and they have it. A perfect family to the world. But is it as happy as it seems???? Does Tia's sudden appearance has something to do with the upcoming war? What is in hold for Tia and Moretti's? Who all will survive?? Its time to discover the undiscovered. The unfinished past will be finished. Nobody is ready for the future bur is anybody ever?? ------- WARNING--------- Contains war, fighting, blood and lot of dark secrets. Talk about abuse Suicidal thoughts

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= Sofia Tiana Hale Moretti (15 years)

-youngest Moretti

-black hair

-green eyes


-loves interior designing, basketball, football, sightseeing, making people happy and for her food is bae

-hates those makeup dolls, bullies, alcohol, and drugs

- sweet and caring, but mess with her, her friends, or her family, you will come face to face with the she-Satan herself

- leads The Warriors and French Mafia

- Goes by her middle name to hide her identity

- Sophia is her dark side while Tia is the good side.

= Christopher Moretti(47 years)

- father Moretti

-black hair

-green eyes


-usually busy with work but always have time for family. Ex-mafia leader.

- cold and ruthless, mess with his family you will wish you would not have. Has a soft spot for Tia and Ales.

= Vincenzo Moretti (27 years old)

-Oldest Moretti sibling

-black hair

-green eyes


-Current leader of the Italian mafia

- cold, ruthless, and strict but has a soft spot for Tia

- loves his family and is highly protective of them

(free advice don’t, I DON’T mess with his family)

= Matteo Moretti(25 years)

- second oldest Moretti sibling

- blue eyes

-brownish-black hair


-works in mafia

-just like his brother and father, cold and ruthless to the world

-mama, cook, and peacemaker of the family

-loves Tia with all his heart

-same advice

= Luca Moretti(21 years)

-third oldest Moretti sibling

-blue eyes

-blonde hair


-body full of tattoos, moodiest and the most closed-off Moretti, hot-headed, but when you break his walls, he is nothing more than a huge grizzly bear

-loves Tia a lot but fails to express

= Xander Moretti(18 years)

-fourth oldest and the older twin(by 60 sec)

-brown eyes

-blonde hair


-hot-headed, moody, and damn overprotective of Tia

-In the final year of high school, football team captain

-the ‘bad boy’ of school

= Xavier Moretti(18 years)

-Fifth oldest and the younger twin(by 60 sec)

-blue eyes

- blonde hair


-the better twin, the prankster and joker of the family, plays football in the school team

-loves Tia a lot and expresses it (thankfully)

-the ‘bad boy ’ of the school and in the final year of high school like Xander

= Alessandro Moretti(15 years)

-older twin, by 2 mins Alessandro is elder than Tia

-green eyes

-black hair


-loves his twin to death and is damn overprotective and possessive of his long-lost twin.

-the prankster, joker along with Xavier, plays football in the school team

-one of the school ‘bad boy’.

= Kylie Henderson(15 years)

-Tia’s one of the best friends

-brown hair and blue eyes


-bubbly, sweet, caring, and romantic kind of person

-she is boy obsessed but is very, very, very oblivious and innocent

-one of Tia’s group member

-Tia is protective of her along with Adrian

= Victoria Nightshade (15 years old)

- Tia’s second in command

- 5′11

- teal eyes

- blond hair

- one of the best in hand to hand combat, bombs, and cars

- shares a very special bond with Tiana, meet when they were 12

- looks after the Warriors in Tia’s absence

- currently in America but keeps visiting annually

= Adrian Knight(15 years)

-Tia’s childhood best friend

-both have seen each other’s highs and lows

-brown hair, brown eyes


- Tia’s partner in crime, schools ‘bad boy’ and has a secret crush on Kylie

-overprotective of Tia and Kylie though Tia can more than take care of herself

-schools basketball team captain

- Tia’s third in command, looks after the French mafia’s work along with Tia

= Caleb grace (15 years old)

- Tia’s childhood best friend, along with Adrian

- shares her crazy foodie side

-the tech guy of the Tia group, he is the world’s top hackers and sniper, and inventor

- dirty blond and brown eyes

- 5′9

- one of the most trusted person

- sarcastic, funny, and light-hearted, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be bad

= Richard Knight ( 47 years old)

- Adrian’s father

- a father figure to Tiana and Victoria. Treats them like his own child

- there fighting coach

- works for both the French Mafia as well as the Warriors

- takes care of of defense and new recruit training

- 6′2

- brown hair and brown eyes

- sweet, loving, caring yet strict

= Kevin Miller (16 years old)

- Victoria’s boyfriend

- French Mafia’s most trusted spy

- 6′

- brown hair, brown eyes

- finance expert

- the groups chill guy. He keeps a check on them to make sure they don’t kill the child inside them with all the mafia work

- arrogant, stubborn, sweet, cute and self made.

That’s gonna be it for now.

First chapter coming soon!

Till then, take care.

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