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❝The corners of his lips twitched at my reaction and I rolled my eyes, about to pull away when his mouth collided into mine and instantly, I felt myself melt into it.❞ 《 a collection of short stories + drabbles. 》 Copyright 2021 © All Rights Reserved Cover by @QueenMimi96

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| Heaven |

My fingers ran through the soft, chocolate curls at the base of his neck, lost in his kiss. Being in his arms, his warm mouth on mine - it was bliss, it was heaven. I’d waited so long for this moment, plagued by my own doubt and self-pity that it would never come to pass...and now I was here. It was the most beautiful, most pure thing in my life - just to be held, to be loved like him. When he finally broke away, I gazed back into luminescent eyes - so full of love and light that I felt blinded by it. But in the best way.

“I’m sorry it took so long for me to realize-” he started to say but I cut him off with the gentle press of my lips to his, swallowing his words.

My lips moved in perfect sync with his, heart beating fiercely in my chest before finally, finally, we both broke away, panting. With a shaking hand, I cupped his face as I gazed up into those beautiful orbs once more. The rough yet soft bristles of his beard brushing across the skin of my palm as I did.

“Don’t. Everything...everything turned out the way it was meant to. The hows and whys of it doesn’t even matter anymore. All that matters is that-that you’re here with me. Right now.” I whispered against his mouth, his forehead pressed to mine.

He was so close that his warm breath mingled with mine, feathery-long lashes brushing against the tops of my cheeks as he moved down to press a butterfly kiss to my neck. My own eyes fluttered shut, a sigh of contentment escaping from between my lips.

Absolute heaven.

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