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I don't know whether what I'm writing is a novel or a story but it's my first I hope I don't bore you 😍😍😍. I believe everyone has a question of how they can overcome the one biggest word that keeps life moving and tense "Jealousy "? Every morning you ask yourself whether you are jealousy or not? Well well well here I'm going to talk about jealousy. Are men really jealousy???? What brings about jealousy????? At what age do people realize they are jealousy?????? Well keep reading and let's explore and learn more about the word that rules the world 🌏.

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Chapter 1 What is Jealousy?

Different people would explain jealousy in different ways and in my own understanding I think.

Jealousy is a kind of competition that's brought about by low self esteem. Having low self esteem in form of beauty, skills, courage brings a certain argue to compete with people around you or those more capable than you it makes you forget to appreciate yourself and your own achievement and makes you thirsty and hungry for other people's instead by the time you wake up you might have lost yourself.

Jealousy is a beast that lives with in our souls. It's the enemy that we live with every single day without our knowledge. It's an assassin to the love and happiness that we believe isn't supposed to die. But by the time we learn about this beast it's to late to save ourselves because it will have taken over our souls.

Jealousy is the argue to own something another person has this leads to doing many mistakes and wrong doings in the name of love. Some people kill because of jealousy that argue to sit in a position that their superior has. In addition to this view a friend described jealousy as a feeling, a state of resentment, bitterness or hostility towards someone because they have something often times that you don't have or you wish to have.

Jealousy is the power to dominate and own someone. It makes someone to believe that he/she is the only one allowed to be close to a certain someone do everything with this persson . And that leaves me a question " Is that really love ❀️? "

Jealousy is the fear of losing a loved one to someone else, its more of an insecurity that develops over a period of time.Feeling of anger that someone has when they think that another person is trying to take away something that they own.

Talking to my bestie one day I ask her " How do you describe jealousy? " her answer was so childish but full of rage. What does that make you think?.
"To me jealousy is seeing my bestie calling other people her bestiez, like bitch seriously were in this together even our ghosts are gonna be bestie like it or not;" she said .

During my research a gentleman named BM believes jealousy is female centered in his view he believes women are the only jealousy sex. He says " Jealousy is a natural feature of ladies which only strong ladies manage to control. It is inevitable and mainly comes due to their obsession of their husband.
Simply it's a feature only controlled by wife material's ." according to BM jealousy leads to failed relationships as only a few strong women can control it.

In BM's argument he separates jealousy and possesiveness he claims women are jealousy well as men are possessive but I think these two are similar or one triggers the other as failure to possess or control brings jealousy.

A one M said " Jealousy is a complex emotion that encompasses feelings ranging from suspicion to rage to fear to humiliation. It strikes people of all ages, genders, and sexual orientations, and is most typically aroused when a person perceives a threat to a valued relationship from a third party. The threat may be real or imagined" I believe this should be the definition of jealousy because it covers everything from what triggers it, to the ages and sex involved indeed jealousy is for everyone but I disagree on one thing its not about the fear of humiliation but its about the fear of abandonment that fear that you are going to be left for another person.

Sham my little sister says " Jealousy is a feeling of not having enough or not being enough" and she adds to it that not feeling enough is the route cause of it.

I asked a friend " Do you think jealousy is love? " and guess what her answer was............? " If your not jealousy then you don't know what love is. " she said

In your opinion " what do you think Jealousy is ". Do you believe a person who isn't jealousy doesn't know how to love ❀️?
Do you believe love is jealousy?
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