Mystery( Short Story By Chinmayee Mohanty)

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Was this fear or the reality??

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ib: true events

Amelia and Ford were a couple who stayed in a society. They had two sons and a daughter. One midnight when they wer sleeping suddenly they felt strong winds blowing and their glass windows were broken. When Amelia and Ford went to see what happened they saw their glass windows had been broken. Amelia hurt her foot from the broken glasses and blood gushed out from her feet. The next day when they were sleeping, the same time at midnight they both felt strong winds blowing so Amelia got down from the bed when suddenly she felt as if someone threw her,she fell down and broke her leg. When they saw outside wind was not blowing. Amelia felt that there was a ghost in their home and these things happened due to a ghost only. After two three days Ford and their children became sick and this continued for 6 months. They decided to shift. When Amelia told her neighbours about the ghost some believed and some didn't.
After shifting, that flat remained vacant and nobody wanted to stay in that house. After some days Amelia's neighbour who was staying in ground floor also felt the strong winds blowing at midnight and their windows fell broken. The next day when her neighbour's husband was sleeping at night, he died. The family members were very shocked and sad and thought that he died due to heart stroke. Gradually Amelia's neighbour lost her sanity. Their only son was taking care of her mother. Sometimes both mother and son felt strong winds blowing at midnight.
One day the neighbour's son got food from a restaurant. When he was about to serve the food for his mother he suddenly felt as if someone kept pushing him. The next instant he didn't know what had just happened and breathed his last breath. His mother wasn't able to realize that her son had died as she had already lost all her sanity. After one week their neighbours felt a putrid smell coming from their house and so they called the police. They all got so shocked seeing the boy dead. The police called the sister who was already married. She came, after few days and took her mother with her. Within one month her mother also died. All the neighbour's believed that there was a ghost in their society which was the cause for all this happening. That house also remained vacant and everybody feared to stay in that society.
After some days another neighbour also felt the strong winds at midnight and when they saw outside the window everything was calm but their windows had already been broken. They were very afraid of it remembering the past events in their society. After two three days that neighbour's husband became sick due to swelling of his feet. Within one week the condition of his feet worsened and blood got blocked in that foot. Immediately he went to the hospital and the doctor removed the waste blood through an injection. He returned home 15 days later but unfortunately died within one month.
Everybody was afraid of it and believed that there must be a ghost and was the cause of all the happenings. Then the neighbour shifted to another society within a few days.
Gradually everybody faced the same problem and left their flats. That society is fully vacant now and nobody wanted to stay in that society fearing the ghost residing there.
Was there really a ghost or is this all their imagination? What is the mystery behind this?

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