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living with my mates also known as dwbes(5sosvamp fanfic)

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For years we've been searching for our mate days had gone by with no luck until one night we were invited by the queen to celebrate the prince's birthday party. Little did we know we'd find our mate there but we would have to fight for her from her werewolf lover. Vampires and werewolf never get along but all that changes when she comes to us. it seems like a typical story but it's much more than that.

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Chapter 1

Calum’s p.o.v

" Come on guys !!” I yelled as we ran towards the stage. I looked around to see if she was in the crowd but I felt nothing. Whom you may ask are we looking for? Well we are looking for our mate. We have been searching for years now but no luck in finding her. sigh

" it’s okay mate we’ll find her one day” luke padded me on the shoulder I guess he’s right

" How are you in New York!!” Ashton yelled as the crowd roared in excitement; we were jumping and goofing around most of our set. soon the concert was over for us as One Direction went to perform

“guys I’m hungry let’s go get a bite” Michael said as his eyes went red

" Alright but guys we need to stay out of sight this time ” I added as they nodded last time we fed Luke got caught and lets just say there was a lot of blood. We ran out before we were seen by fans or security. We were running until we were at a park with at least 5 people.

" Ello love” I walked up to a girl with blond hair

" ca-calum hood?” she asked

" Yeah that’s my name love” I smiled

" sorry my name is Janet ” she smiled

" well jennet would you take a picture with me?” I asked as she nodded quickly she started to take out her phone but I took the opportunity and bit into her neck as the warm liquid went down my throat

" calum we have to head back before the dogs notice were gone” Michael stated again we ran vampire speed to the stadium it’s not that we hate the boys from One Direction it’s what they are that we can never be close to each other you see pictures of us with them all the time but that’s for show.

“okay so since we’re staying in New York for New Years our girlfriends/ wives will be flying from England over here” Harry smiled as he appeared out of nowhere

“okay and we need to know because? “I asked

“well because most of them are human “Liam added

“most?” Luke asked

" yeah Alicia, Elizabeth and Angelica are humans” Zayn added

" and the other 2?” ashton asked

" well jade and Alyssa are wolfs” Niall spoke

" and they’ll be her-”

“Zayn!!!!!!” someone yelled behind us

" now” he smiled as she came running up to him

" okay then we’ll just be going” I said awkwardly

" oh my bad my names Jade Horan Niall is my bro and this is my best friends ” she smiled as she pointed at the group of girls, her blond hair was just amazingly long

“hi I’m Alice wife of Liam” she smiled

“I’m angelica wife of niall”

" Alyssa girlfriend of harry”

“Elizabeth wife of Louis” they all smiled as they said there lovers names

" it’s very nice to meet you I’m calum”

“I’m Luke”

“I’m ashton”

" and I’m Michael ” we all smiled

" Wow, so you guys are vampires?” Jade asked

" yeah and you’re a wolf” Luke stated the obvious

" I was just asking you” Jade attempted an American accent but failed massively she laughed as we all did there’s something about her that attracts me to her. Then it hit me, can that be her? but it can’t be a wolf can it? I guess I was staring at her for a while because Zayn was now staring at me with anger I looked away from her and towards Luke

" well girls were gonna go shower and stuff so chill with them for a bit” Liam said as the girls said ‘okays’ ‘alights’ and ‘have fun’

" yeah you guys really need it especially Zayn ” jade said while holding her nose

“What about my stench love?” Zayn asked

" that you smell gross ” she said seriously he rolled his eyes and left

" You do know he will get you back like last time right?” Elizabeth spoke

" if that’s the case then I’ll just get back at him” she smiled as they all laughed

Luke’s p.o.v

It’s weird how Jade’s eyes sparkle when she looks at me or the boys. They don’t do that with Zayn.

″Guys, do you smell that?′ calum mind messaged us

′ I do another vampire is here’ I answered

″but what’s weird is that it smells like if it’s one of the girls’ Michael added

‘I know but who could it be?’ I asked

they just shrugged

" you guys wanna play a game?” Liz asked

" sure what game? “I asked

" truth” Alice added

" Do you mean truth or dare?” I asked

" sorta but it’s just truth whatever question is asked it must be answered no matter what if you don’t and you say pass then your out it keeps going till there’s only one” Alyssa explained

“Okay so how do we find out the order?” Calum asked

" we spin the bottle” angelica smiled

" well okay then let’s play” I smiled

" oh we forgot there are no follow up questions allowed” Jade said as she spun the bottle it landed on Michael

“you may ask away “he laughed

" Why thank you good sir, when were you tuned ?” she asked

" Well we’re in like 2014 so i was turned in the year 1776" he spoke as he spun the bottle. a couple of minutes and rather random questions later the 1D boys were back

" what you all been up to? “Zayn asked as he sat down next to jade

" playing truth” jade answered

" oh god not again” Jade laughed at Zayn’s response

“Again?” I asked

" last time we played she asked me weird and awkward questions it was so embarrassing ” He shook his head

" hey but it got us together so it wasn’t so bad now was it Malik” she teased

" Hey, I’m the one that got you together!!!!” Liz yelled

“true ” Jade looked at Liz for a moment then burst out laughing like crazy

" Well I say let’s call it a night so night guys” Liam spoke after the laughing fit we just had.

“Okay Jade can I talk to you?” I asked

" sure ” she smiled

" I don’t think so ” Zayn spoke up

" don’t worry babe I can handle myself and I’ll be there after” she smiled as he left

" So what’s up Luke?”

" I was gonna ask you if you know if one of the girls are vampires”

" nope they are human or a wolf why?”

" because earlier I smelled another vampire ”

" I’m sure that none of us are Luke” she smiled

“alright that was all good night Jade ”

" night Luke”

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