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A black girl, who felt that She couldn’t fit in with her crowd. She lives In her childhood home with just her, her mother and, her 12 year old sister. She grew up with many white folks. So, if they would say something rude, towards her. She wouldn’t have any choice but to laugh about it. All, she ever wanted to do was to fit in with her white friends. Turns out that, they really weren’t her friends…

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My hair (Chapter 2)

Once again, I’m getting looked at a certain way. “Hey, Kameron, what are you doing after school today?” Lisa asked in excitement. Uh, nothing much, why ask? Questioned Kameron.” Well, I just wanted to ask if you could come over after school today?” I’m sorry, I can’t. I shouldn’t even be talking to you right now, I have to get to class. Kameron walked away slightly feeling sorry for the way she treated Lisa.

Kameron arrived in her 5th period, sitting down in her chair, looking down at her feet as if it was fries. “Oh boy, I’m so hungry I can eat a hippo!” She though obnoxiously. Staring at her feet for a while now, as slob is drooling from her lip. “Mhm, right. Kameron what about you? How do you feel about the revolutionary war, hm?” Asked Mrs. Gilepsy. Um, *thinking curiously about, what she can answer with*
I think that the revolutionary war, was scary? “Scary. Eh? WRONG” Mrs. Gilepsy walked angrily in front of Kameron’s desk pointing her stick at her as if she was, a spider aiming at Mrs. Gilepsy face. Mrs. Gilepsy slowly reaches her hand out, touching Kameron’s hair as if she was playing with slime. “What nice hair you have.” Mrs. Gilepsy said with a smirk on her face. “Okay, well class is dismissed Kameron, I do expect better from you. Either you do as I say, or I’m calling your mom.” Please no! Kameron begged. I’ll do anything just don’t call my mom, it’s hard being a black folk and, actually finding a fitting job! “Okay, like I said “do as I command”.
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