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Maliah Appleson
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The Donut

“Teacher, may I go out?” Sasha asked with pleading eyes.

“Sure thing, be sure to hurry up,” the teacher replied. Sasha nodded and left the classroom.

It was quiet. The sound of Sasha’s shoes thudding against the tiled floor echoed around the hallway. She looked around and saw a clock hanging by the wall. Sasha decided to double her pace and soon enough, she arrived at the girl’s bathroom.

Sasha reached for the doorknob, only to retract her hand back when it opened on its own and came out a brown haired girl. They made a small eye contact before the brunette broke it off and went on her way.

Sasha blinked at the exchange before shrugging it off and entering the bathroom. Upon entering, she approached the mirror and checked her appearance. In the corner of her eye, she saw a piece of plastic just lying on the sink.

Sasha touched the plastic and felt something squishy. She lifted it and saw that there was a donut inside. It was a chocolate donut with chocolate sprinkles. Her face contorted into a confused look as she looked around.

Sasha slowly dropped the donut on the sink. She frowned at it before turning on her heels and entering one of the stalls.

Once she was done, she exited the stall and went to the sink to wash her hands, all while eyeing the donut. Sasha bit her lip as she started to think.

She sighed before wiping her hands dry and grabbing the doughnut. She peeled off the plastic and observed the donut. She almost gave the donut a bite when she noticed it already has one on it. She once again looked around the bathroom and contemplated the situation.

A few moments later, Sasha sighed and whispered, “screw it,” and took a bite out of the donut. A minute later, she left the bathroom empty handed with the taste of the already bitten chocolate donut with chocolate sprinkles lingering on her tongue.

Sasha entered her class and closed the door behind her. When she turned around, she realized the room fell silent. She glanced at her teacher only to find that he was staring back at her. Before Sasha could say anything, the teacher interrupted.

“What took you so long?”

The End

Based on a true story.

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