Hopes and Dreams

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What made me a red devil ❤

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Chapter 1

This takes me back to the days when as a kid of std 4th,I used to watch tv for fun. I did spend hours outside playing with kids of my age but watching tv gave me some other kind of joy. Watching srk's movies was my fav thing, the concept of falling in love, the music used to make me believe that someday I'll have a love story of my own, I'll be with a man of my dreams. Childish? Maybe! Lil did I know I'd fall for men in red instead.

I grew up with an elder brother. The one with authority over everything, especially the tv remote. I hated fighting with him so I used to end up watching the things he did. He used to watch all sorts of stuff like movies (action ones), music (crazy ones), wwe and sports like cricket, football etc.
All of his interests are a part of me too and this is where it all began.

Football, as I recall the old days I remember sitting next to him while watching men running around a ball. If watched properly, they weren't just running around. They were playing with the ball, taking it to the goalpost by facing all the challenges of the opponents, passing it to the teammates, until someone scored the goal. What a ultimate joy it was watching them score and celebrate the win. I started doing this often, joining my brother while he watched football. He taught me the rules, how it works and he is the one who introduced me to the club he fell for, Manchester United FC. He told me stories, the history, helped me know about the players. The opponent teams he hated, the rivalries. As this journey began, I already fell for someone, one and only, Cristiano Ronaldo. I quite don't remember seeing him play but he was the most cutest, and the fastest red I had ever seen.

As days went I started understanding most of it, I fell for many other players especially Wayne Rooney. He was my most favourite player for what he was, the way he played, how passionate he was about the club, the goals he scored. I loved him for the player he was and the dedication he had towards the club, the love he had for his fans. I became a fan of the club, so obsessed I used to download their wallpapers, I stole pictures from my brothers phone (he had a collection that I wanted). I read, watched videos on YouTube, the history, the Sir Alex Ferguson era. By the time I actually began to understand the league, our manager was David moyes. Before watching football for me was watching cute men in red play. Later it was more about how much they gave their best in order to score goals, win, and the unity they had among them. This is what I fell for, the togetherness, the way they stood United even when they drew or lost. I was so in love, not with someone, but the whole team. I remember how I used to tell guys how I can't date them since I'm already in love with the men, who wore the best red jersey, and how skilled they are, and how much happy they make me. I really was happy whenever I saw them play. Before it was Chicharito, Kagawa, Rooney,Van Persie, Giggs, Vidic, Evra etc. And now it's Rashford, Bruno, Cavani, Pogba, De gea, Martial, Mctominay, Luke shaw, etc.

Our club is known for its history, the heritage, the titles they've won, the champions they are, the players, the die-hard fans they have. Being a Red Devil means so much to me, it's difficult to express through words. The amount of motivation and strength I get from this club is everything. Seeing them win gives me the joy I can't express. The hopes and dreams to see them win titles will always be there, but most importantly the love I have has only been increasing to every passing day. Gonna work hard until someday I make my life long dream come true, by visiting the Theater of Dreams- Old Trafford. Till then, Glory Glory Man United ❤
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