A puppy’s dream

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A puppy who had a dream that he was the one and only puppy that was like him he was homeless and helpless and had no owner no one ever wanted him. And then finally one day someone did...

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Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a puppy named Oliver, Oliver had a very good heart he was so sad when nobody came and chose him at the pet store he was ownerless and helpless. But, one day some who was named Isabella walked into the pet store and said that she wanted a pet just like me and they started coming towards me and I was so happy.after a week my life completely changed.
A week later he had a owner, a house, and more importantly love. He loved his human owner and that was all there was to it, everyday he took a nice warm bath in the sink and when getting dried he gets cuddled and warms up in the towel, Isabella loved Oliver like he had never been loved before, they always were so happy and loyal to each other. Isabella had Oliver for a year now and he was finally old enough to be trained, so Isabella took him to a training center and got him trained and then they said that Oliver would be a well trained puppy.
Oliver and Isabella both had secrets deep deep secrets. Isabella could talk to animals and communicate with animals, and Oliver could talk to it’s owner in English or Spanish but the only thing that happens is that Oliver can’t talk to anyone but his owner until they discover the big overall secret...
In order to unlock the big secret they would have to use there secrets together in order to find a clue and then the clues will hopefully lead them to the big overall secret. However the secret is dangerous and so is unraveling the secret they can fully be killed on this task.
They still had no idea that they had to do this task but one day they got the email saying you are in trouble
and somehow they knew exactly what it meant.
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