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Her Alpha Of Darkness

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Amy foler is a bright and cheery omega. No matter what the other pack members say or do she never fights back, gets mad, or tries to get back at them. Instead, she takes care of them. She has never been “power” hungry…not like the others say. She could careless for the power and just wants her mate. Power or not she wants him. There is a law that states omegas are not to mate with anyone of higher power. Due to the usual miss treatment of omegas they tend to be spiteful and sour towards their pack and it’s members. Her mate finds her and is…the alpha king. Meeting him the day of the annual mating ceremony held once one turns 19. Augustine shadow. One of the handful of alpha kings that hold the ‘devils’ power. A power to control dead wolves shadows. Using them however he finds fit. He wasn’t excepting to find his mate so early into life. Alpha’s holding the ‘devils’ power can only die if they are to take their own life’s. Finding his mate at the ripe age of 23 was a sweet yet savory shock. A mix of taste, it was unusual as most alphas didn’t find them until 100-180 years of age. She fought against him for a good minute before he told her that it was perfectly fine that she was omega. He could see that her heart wasn’t covered by the shadows of hate for those stronger. She was able to see her weakness and accept what’s to come. Just how did he get so lucky?

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Chapter one

She whimpered softly as she hid in her old tree house. It was built before her parents found out about the hidden omega gene in their blood line. She was under one of her childhood favorite blankets. She tried to stop her tears but they kept flowing. It was like a never ending fountain of tears.

Her mother stomped over with her clothes for the run. It was in three hours at most, it was a simple white blouse and shorts. Her older sister had a short white dress for her mating run but her parents cared none for her. “Amy. Get changed” her mother called in a monotone un-cherry voice.

Of course she was un-cheery. One daughter was an alphas mate and one was an omega with a rejection to come. It was agonizing for them when she was younger but they soon got over it focusing on the older more successful child. Amy climbed down and nodded with a smile, red puffy eyes, and a trembling body.

She saw the outfit and smiled. “It’s really pretty, thank you..” Amy smiled and grabbed it brushing her moms hand. Her mom glanced down controlling her tears. She did love her, the fact that she was happy over such simple clothes saddened her. ‘We have alienated her…’ her mother thought.

She gave a saddened smile before turning and walking off. A single tear ran down Amy’s face. ‘Once again, you ignored me…’ she thought. She should have been used to it but, it never got easier. She would try to make small skin to skin contact once a day maybe twice if she was lucky, what was she met with? A slap of anger.

“How dare you touch me with your filthy omega hands?!” They would say. It wasn’t contagious or anything. It never brought harm so, why couldn’t she be loved? She was weaker, she knew that but…why couldn’t she be loved like her sister? So what if she was weak? Wouldn’t that make her parents want to protect her more?

It was a never ending cycle of ‘why can’t I be loved?’ She would stand in the mirror wondering if it was her bleach blonde hair, or her heterochromia, or maybe it was her freckles that tickled her face. She thought it made her more beautiful but, maybe the others didn’t see it that way.

She hid behind a tree and changed into the clothes slipping her white socks and sneakers back on. She took her messy bun out and let her extreme curls cascade down her shoulders. Some even cascaded down to her lower back. It was a messy beautiful, omegas were absolutely stunning but with the gene it made it hard for others to acknowledge their existence.

She looked around at her body and then at the hand me down watch her father threw at her when she was six, she rubbed the painful scar on her head. It was her birthday and she sat in her room and sang happy birthday to herself as she listened to her family and the alphas son watch a movie.

She stayed strong that day as it was the most tiring. She had to clean the whole house, rooms in the pack house, bathrooms, cook meals and snacks, cater to the Luna, the alpha, and their son, and play with the pack children who were much faster and stronger then her.

She thought her birthday was over and she wouldn’t get any presents like the years before until her father barged into her room and chucked his old watch at her. It hit her head and left a scar. He looked a bit shocked before she picked it up and smiled at him. “Thanks for the gift mr. foler!!” She giggled as the blood dribbled down her face.

He stood stunned as his thoughts raced. ‘How can she still smile and say thank you? It looks so deep!’ His pupils dilated as his wolf had pushed him to help his pup but he knew he couldn’t. ‘She’s omega’ he thought. His wolf growled and yipped at him.

So what?! She’s still only a pup! There’s nothing wrong with being weak!’ His wolf would yell. He almost cringed. “She’s an omega..” he said before shutting the door and walking back to his room. Amy teared up at the thought, he didn’t even care when he hurt her. Her father was kind and loving with everyone when he could be but, was malicious and rude towards her.

She couldn’t help but cry. All she wanted was acknowledgment and love from her family. She only wanted them to care even just a bit. ‘It’s okay, we don’t need them..’ her wolf said. Her wolf was her only friend and kept her from breaking down often. Her wolf was more of a mother, rather then her equal. She respected her wolf quiet a bit.

She had a good three hours to spend and decided to walk back to the house. She saw her pregnant sister and the alpha conversing with her parents. Her sister Alya was mates with the alpha. It wasn’t at all shocking as they were together often, the small family turned and and all gave odd looks.

“Your bags are already packed. After the run and..” her sister paused. “Rejection mom and dad want you out so the baby has a play room once she is old enough to play” her sister cleared her throat and held her stomach. “Okay, I’ll be out of her hair” she nodded with a blank dull expression. She put a tight smile on before walking to her bed room limply.

Her mother covered her mouth as a muffled sob rang from her mouth. “Why her?” She asked. Her father looked away, the memories of the miss treatment they let happen passing his mind. “How can she smile..?” Her father asked quietly. The group had a gloom about them and Amy couldn’t even notice because of the constant wall up when she was around.

She had the worn down necklace her sister gave her on, the run down ring her mother gave her on, and her fathers watch. She came down and looked almost zombie like. It was like she was on auto pilot. Just running, on sadness and bare fumes. “Um, good luck…with the run..” her sister said to her. She wasn’t sure if this was a taunt, slap with words, or she was sincere.

She stared at her for a bit and looked away. She took it as a taunt and ignored it. The alpha growled and she turned her mother stormed over and slapped her. It was rougher then usual. “Your sister wishes you luck and you ignore it?!” Her mother growled. She wiped her busted lip and turned her attention to the window.

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