Her Alpha Of Darkness

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Chapter two

“How bad do you think the rejection will hurt?” She asked. There was no apology, no tears, no smile saying it was her fault. All it was, was a broken sound of agony. Everyone’s breath hitched. She was saddened since this morning, they all knew she was off but.

After a slap like that? All she could do was ask? Something was wrong and they knew it. Her mother slapped her again twice both equally hard and rough. “It’s your fault for being born an omega! It’s your fault for being weak! It’s your fault for not trying enough! It’s your fault your sisters better!!” Her mother yelled.

All Amy did was smile and say “I know” her mother stumbled back and almost fell. She didn’t get upset, she didn’t flinch, she didn’t grip her face and apologize no. She just said “I. Know.”

She looked at her watch and touched her face. It was bruised and her eye was in a bit of pain. “Maybe a black eye” she said before walking to the door. She had 30-20 minutes till she had to be there. She slipped her shoes on and stood. “After the rejection I’ll head straight here and pack up. Bye” she said not giving a single smile.

She walked down to the meeting area as she thought about the mate she would never meet. She thought about his looks and shivered. She brushed over her cheek and licked over her lip, she found that cleaning a wound with her tongue healed the wounds faster and disinfected it. She sighed softly also thinking about all that had happened up to this day. The constant mental abuse she went through.

It already happened so she wasn't upset in anyway but still thought about it. When her sister slapped her because she got excited over her pregnancy and hugged her, or when her mother got injured and she cleaned the wound licking it and healing it and her father locked her in the basement for a week, or when the alpha let the pups beat her, or when her father held her head under water for hugging him.

A lot had happened to her ranging from scolding to full on beatings and attempted murder. It made her feel odd, how come she wasn't mad? All that had happened and she wasn't in the least bit upset. If anything she used to think she deserved it and would ask the kids if they wanted to do it again or would apologize to her parents.

She saw the line up and smelt the girls excitement. It was strong and made her sneeze. The excited girls looked over and she covered her cheek quickly, the girls gave weird saddened expressions. She hummed and moved to the end of the line being one of the shortest. She was 5'1, and adorable. 'Why do they smell like that? ' she asked her wolf.

'They are excited to mate with their mates.' her wolf explained. She had to learn from her wolf what the mating process and marking process was, her wolf was her mother not her equal. The respect she had for her wolf was like no others. She looked at her watch before the world stopped. Her body froze, time stopped as well as her breathing.

A scent hit her, it wasn't strong as the male's were in another part of the wood. It smelt like waterfall, roses, Lily's, and fresh dirt. Running with her mate behind her as they stopped to take in the scenery. She teared up as she shut her eyes enjoying the beautiful scene.

She knew it would never happen so she wanted to enjoy the scene before it was taken from her. She heard the whistle to listen and turned. "Simple rules, you get three minutes before they are released. Run" and with that she shot the gun. The females ran to the edge of the woods before taking their clothes off shifting. She didn't bother and ran deep into the woods. She may be weaker but she can run and climb well. She climbed a treat and listened for the second gun shot.

She knew her mate was here. She made sure she didn't leave anything for him to sniff her out. She shut her eyes and waited for the time up gun shot. She looked at her watch and was only two minutes in. She sighed softly and heard a deep dark growl. She trembled softly and smelt the sweet scent, she breathed in quietly feeling at peace.

The growl sounded again and she teared up, she looked down as the dark black coated wolf looked up. Her breath hitched as she met his red eyes. It had a deep black center and a light red ring. He growled and stomped, she was compelled to stay up there but knew she had to face him some time. She turned and climbed down. As she got closer to the ground she realized just how huge he was.

She finally got to the ground and had to step back and look up. He laid down and she still had to look up. He laid his head down and nudged her hand with his huge snout. He hand barely covered half of his snout. She pulled her hand back and he gave a hurt look. She gave one right back. She went to speak before he nudged her hand again. She went to pull back, before she could he growled at her.

She sighed and ran a hand up his snout realizing just how soft he was, she was in awe. Her mate looked so strong and soft and caring, she teared up at the thought. 'And he would spend it with another' she thought. She shut her eyes and breathed his scent in. She got on her knees and leaned into his snout.

He nudged her closer and she relaxed into him. After a few minutes she stood up. "C-" she paused. "Can you shift for me?" she asked. He stood and walked behind a tree. She wondered what that would do until she saw him shrink quickly. The tree was large so it hid him well. He stepped out in a dark blue jean jacket and light blue jeans, he had a white shirt on.

His hair was a bit wet and his red eyes we're in a focused glare. He had to stare down at his short mate. He could smell that she was an omega and was rather excited, Omega's were honorary mates for alphas of alphas. They were mentally strong, and very level headed. They kept them in check and Gave birth to the strongest of alphas.

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