Her Alpha Of Darkness

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chapter three

He looked her up and down. She was thick with curves perfect for her body. She had a small waist, perfect for his arms to wrap around. Her eyes we're beautiful, one Hazel Brown and one ocean blue. Her lips were plump and had a point to them. Freckles tickled her face.

He Had a serious thinking look on his face and it made her hold her body a bit tighter, attractive and strong. She breathed in and out shakily. She looked up at him, her eyes sad. He remembered the "law" and grew upset. It wasn't a law but rather a rumor that turned to" fact" One omega didn't want to be with the alpha that had been raping her, mate or not it was wrong so she rejected him and left him.

It spread and the omega was beaten and killed. It turned into this large thing and pissed him off. Now his mate was scared about the rejection that was never going to come, she trembled a bit and he stepped forward. She flinched, his hands balled into fist. Signs of abuse for sure, he looked over her body before seeing the dark forming bruise on her face.

Her lip cut and her eyes hazy with fear. His body shook in anger. "Um. I'm an omega." she said softly. She looked away and her thoughts raced. She teared up as she shut her eyes tightly waiting for the rejecting words. Instead she heard a soft chuckle and a warming hug. She opened her eyes to see her mate hugging her and hiding his face in her Neck.

"What? I'm an omega? What about the law?" she asked softly. Her heart raced as she gripped his shirt. "It's a rumor, it's not true" he said as he kissed her neck. She groaned happily, and shivered. His arms wrapped around her wide hips making her squeal quietly. She blushed as she had never been in such close contact with someone.

She was over-joyed to have her mate but was extremely worried. "B-But it's in the law. Are you sure?" she asked gripping his black hair softly pulling. He chuckled darkly thinking about the wrath he was going to pour onto the pack that hurt his mate and queen. He gave a growl in acknowledgement, "babygirl, I'm sure. Let's just say I work with the law"

He said. "O-oh okay." she nodded. She tilted her head to the side, "can I mark you now?" he asked. She blushed and nodded, he lifted her a bit and kissed up her shoulder finding her soft spot sucking softly. She panted and moaned out, "I have to mark you in two places" he said. She nodded and bit her lip.

He licked over the soft spot and nibbled softly. His k-nines grew in size and he sunk his teeth into her place skin. She whimpered gripping his hair a bit tighter before a euphoric feeling came over her and she moaned. She gripped his jacket and shut her eyes. He reclined his teeth and licked over the mark multiple times.

She panted and whined satisfied with the feeling, he kissed the mark and she winced and whimpered at the mark forming. His venom acted as ink and made a circle with his name in the middle. It was a mating tattoo but could be broken if someone over lapped the mark with their own so, it was mandatory to mark their mates again.

He took her wrist and she watched intently. He kissed the center of her wrist before sinking his k-nines in her again. She whimpered and teared up, she trembled in his hold and turned her head flinching here and there. It lasted a minute or so before he pulled back. He felt bad and like a duche for causing his mate pain but it wasn't exactly his choice.

She trembled as the venom corner through her arm to spell out the name 'Augustine shadow ' her eyes widened. "Alpha king?" her head felt light and she looked at him. She laid on his shoulder soacking in the shocking factor. He was the alpha king, the alpha of necromatic shadows. Her body was tired from the euphoria and pleasure.

"Get some rest, we still have 30 minutes" he said to her. She groaned softly and fell asleep. He leaned against a tree holding her as she was impeccably light. He knew it was from lack of food from who he could only assume was the pack. She was overly exhausted which exhibited over working and she had a bruise on her cheek.

The marking made it lighter but was still dark in color. He rested his hand on her side and she whined loudly. She was still sleep but made a desperate sound like that, He moved the blouse and glared at the dark brushes running along her body. The one he just touched having a fresh deep cut. It was scabbed over but looked like it hurt.

He wanted to look at every part of her body but would wait till she woke. He realized just how perverted he sounded and snickered at himself quietly. She pulled herself closer to him in her sleep and he pulled her closer to his body and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and sighed softly. He looked at his phone and realized it had been 20 minutes already.

He kissed her neck and she jolted shivering. "Baby, you have to wake up" he said. She whined softly and snuggled into his neck, she pulled her arms down and yawned. "Not yet." she whined in his ear softly. Her voice sent shivers down his spine, he bit his lip before he smirked.

"I wouldn't mind carrying you back, I just wanted to think of you" he said in her ear before nibbling softly. She flinched and blushed. "Fine, set me down" she whined griping his shirt. She liked him carrying her but didn't want him to carry her all the way to the pack. He already stood and held her for 20 minutes.

She weighed enough and he held her. She liked him babying her, a lot. It was new to her and she didn't want him to stop. She yawned again and grabbed his hand. It was around 5-6 o'clock so most would be heading back anyways. They walked back in a peaceful silence and she rubbed her cheek gently. It still hurt and she hated it.

"Who did it?" Augustine asked. Amy looked down in shame, "I don't know what to call her in all honesty. My mom? Birth giver? Egg donor?" she said glaring at the ground. "Nobody was there for me so I just called her what others did. Mrs. Foler" she shrugged." I see." he nodded." have you ever wanted to get back at them? " he asked seriously.

"No." she answered immediately. "Never. I have never once had an ounce of hate or dislike or disloyalty to them" she said. Her face was serious and her heart beat was steady. "Why not? They've done horrible things to you." he said. Though she was his mate that didn't mean she wasn't a bad person. He wanted to make sure she would be a good Luna Queen.

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