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I remember what my life was like until I was 8. When I was taken. I was happy. I was safe. I was loved. I was their princess. They scared most people. I mean I get it ,you look up and see a group of big scary bikers and you think oh fuck. Not me. They were my family. My teachers. My protectors. My kings. My kingdom come as daddy use to say. Daddy. I’ll find him some way I’ll get back home. But I’m not alone, Keeper is with me. He’s always with me. And together, we will make it home.

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Chapter 1

I hate school I hate this house I hate the people who live in this house well everyone except for keeper… Keeper is well he’s my keeper. We alway stick together. He’s the love of my life.
He protects me from our foster parents. If you can call them that. They think I was too young to remember when she brought me her. Just because he loves me and not her. Mother ? Ha that’s fucking laughable more like a piece of shit scum of the earth female that doesn’t think of anyone but her self. I was seven when she stole me from school and away from daddy and my uncles. But I haven’t spoken since then to anyone. Except Keeper. So I suppose they have no way of knowing wether or not I remember. Welp. Jokes on them. Cause I do and there gonna pay for what they’ve done. Keeper and I are getting out of here. One day. It’s a prison… Go to school come back. clean the house because they don’t know how to fucking pick up after themselves and then cook dinner keeper always helps. And he always takes the beating whenever he knows what’s coming… One time I forgot that Al didn’t like ranch. And to remind me he punched me in the face and broke my nose and was trying to choke me until keeper walked downstairs and tackled him. The son of a bitch took his belt off and beat him with the metal belt buckle while I was trying to recover myself. All the while Karen watched. Fucking Karen she’s useless all she does is complain. Which gets us beat more often then not. Sigh. We will get out and we will find our way home.

Hello beautiful. What are we making for dinner tonight.
I heard keepers voice seconds before I felt him kiss my cheek and fold me into his arms.
I sighed happily.
Hey keeper. I was thinking meatloaf?
He moaned
God. I love your meatloaf!!
We heard a door bang. Keeper sighed and turned me around to look into my eyes. He cupped my cheeks and bent down to kiss me. And I felt hope. He pulled back and looked at me again he wanted to make sure I was ready for what was about to start. I smiled at him.
Keeper had been here when the bitch dropped me off with the instructions to keep me away from her man. He had been adopted by the Hopkins when he was 5. He was 8 when I was brought here. He took care of me. Started looking out for me and eventually I learned to trust him enough to talk to him. Only him. I haven’t spoken to anyone else in 10 years. We grew close. We were each other’s everything.
I was brought out of my thoughts by Keeper talking to me.
Huh? I’m sorry what did you say?
He chuckled and shook his head.
I said we will get out of here soon. I promise.
I nodded. I knew we would. Keeper hated the way they treated us. He hated that I was always in danger here.
I know.
I smiled at him.
I love you, Comet.
I smiled harder.
I love you , Keeper.
He kissed me again and we separated. Three minutes later the yelling started.
Why the hell is dinner not started you stupid little bitch?
I heard Keeper draw in a sharp breath in the dining room where he was setting the table for me.
I didn’t speak. They never heard me speak.
We’re starting it now.
Keeper stepped in. Like he always does.
Good I want it done in an hour or I’m gonna beat the shit out of her. While I make you watch , Boy.
I had to swallow a laugh. Keeper was more man then he could ever hope to be.
Al looked at us for a minute then walked off. I looked over at keeper and saw him fuming. I knew he was pissed he threatened to hurt me. And I was pissed he would say something that I know would bother the shit out of keeper.
I sighed. Another day in Hell.
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