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My Morning Coffee

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An unexpected encounter over my morning coffee

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My Morning Coffee

I headed for the kitchen and turned off the house alarm on my way. I got the coffee maker ready and turned it on before going back to my room to get dressed. It was the weekend so I just pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. I slipped an old pair of tennis shoes on before returning to the kitchen. I poured myself a cup of coffee and walked out the backdoor to the yard. I lit up a smoke and took a sip of my coffee. I walked out into the yard just enjoying the morning air as I smoked and sipped my coffee.

I had just sucked in a lungful of smoke when I saw you there. You weren’t moving just watching me so I slowly turned to face you as I breathed the smoke out. Our eyes locked across the few dozen yards that separated us. I stood still watching you as you watched me, your body shaking. I could see you were nervous so I slowly lifted my smoke up and took another drag on it trying to give you time to relax.

I finished my smoke and my coffee grew cold as we just stood there two strangers facing each other. You finally moved, your paw coming up to scratch your cheek and neck before your nose twitched. You turned away for a second as a passing car drew your attention and then you turned back to me for a final look before you hopped away.

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