Road Trip

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The drive in the country should have been relaxing.

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Road Trip

“Did we take a wrong turn somewhere?” Megan asked me from the passenger seat.

“No wrong turns I know the way like the back of my hand,”

I turned on the radio to drown out her talking. The radio wasn’t a good idea, it gave her an excuse to sing and I have heard alley cats that sound better. I considered turning it off, but she would want to talk. God, all women want to do is talk, it is like they think they will die if they stop talking.

She reached over and shut off the radio. “Shouldn’t we be at the turn-off by now?”

I bit my lip and squeezed the wheel until my knuckles cracked.


“Are you really sure we didn’t take a wrong turn somewhere?” I asked again. “I’m sure we were supposed to take the second right not the third one.”

Peter looked over at me with that face, the one he makes when he is upset but doesn’t want to talk it out. God, men can be so childish, he would rather brood than tell me what is wrong. All he would have to do is stop and ask directions, but no he is a man and he won’t. He would rather drive around for hours lost than to admit he needs help.


The pounding from the trunk was getting on my nerves as much as her asking me every ten minutes if we had made a wrong turn. If I knew it was a wrong turn I wouldn’t have made it would I? I pulled into a lot next to a service station and got out. She climbed out also as I headed for the trunk.

“Where the hell do you think you are going?”

“I’m going to get something to drink and ask directions.” She said over her shoulder as she sashayed towards the service station

“I know where I’m going!” I shouted as I popped the trunk.

I bent down and punched the guy tied up back there in the face. The first punch was enough, but I was pissed so I hit him a few extra times.


“That nice man at the service station said the turn-off is just down here, so you didn’t make a wrong turn.” Megan told me as we pulled out.

Damn woman makes it sound like I was worried about it. “I know where the turn-off is, this isn’t my first time out here.”

“Well, it is best to be sure.”

I turned onto the dirt road that ran back into the woods. Yeah, I had made this trip plenty of times, but I think Megan won’t be making it again. I think she may just be staying out here.

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