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To All of The Lost

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MAYA HAS ALWAYS HAD A DIFFERENT LIFE- she lives with her single dad in Bethany, her dad’s a fishermen, and Maya has always been wondering about her mom, travel around Maya’s earliest memories as she questions if she should try to find her mom.

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I REMEMBER. I remember getting up at the dusk of dawn just because my Dad always made me go fishing with him.

Now I’m not complaining, I mean, I loved fishing, but some times getting up at 4:45am every single day can get a bit frustrating.

My dad was a fisherman, he had been for many years, but that was just his hobby. He really worked at this small- (I guess you could call it a grocery store) as a cashier. My dad was pretty tall and he was definitely tan. My dad was also always a few years older then the other kids my age parents.

He had a few tan lines there and there, and he had black messy hair with a few scraps there and there with some sharp elbows and a stern look on his face.

“C’mon Maya!” I heard my father pipe out. I slide down the old wooden stairs, and quickly shoved down my breakfast, after I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, we were finally ready to go around 5:15am. (I also had to get my fishing outfit on, put on my boats, and we had to get our equipment) Living with dad is kind of like being in the military.

We got walked down to the docks and we got on Dad’s boat around 5:30am (NOTE: our house is right near the beach) and then got the nets around and finally headed off shore. I looked at my watch, it was 5:44am when we first started catching putting the net out for some crabs, and also when we got out our fishing rods.

We put the bait on our fishing rods and swing them out into the ocean. My dad’s a expert at fishing, and usually gets a pull around the first 5 minutes. Me, however, let’s just say it varies. My dad slowly rolls it in, and he gets the fish, we quickly slips it off the fishing rod and puts it where we keep our fish we caught.

I FINALLY GET A PULL, and my dad helps we roll it in since I was only about 9 at the time. With the help of both of our teamwork, we get a…. small fish. I sigh in disappointment but my dad tries to cheer me up and say it’s better then nothing. I nod but I’m still sad, my dad says you can’t stay sad forever and then continues to fish. I purse my lips and get back to work.

We fish for another 2 hours and then we got home and take a shower and change, and we head out into the front so my dad can drop me off at school.

Huh? My mother? Well that’s a different story…

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