To All of The Lost

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I HAVE A MEMORY. I’m sitting on the beach- like the way where you put your legs up and wrap your arms around your knees. I look at the sky. It’s a dark blue. Usually, the sky is sprinkled with stars, but tonight, the sky is clear as water. The sun slowly starts to peak out. There’s quiet expect for the smooth soft sound of the waves. You can see a boat peeking out of the left. I dig my feet into the sand. I’m close to the ocean, but not close enough the water can touch my toes. The beach barely has any people this early, as per usually.

I can see my dad to the right of me, he’s closer to the water, close enough it can touch his toes. He has his beige fisherman hat on with his cheap sunglasses and beige shorts with a white t-shirt and his black-long fisherman boats. He’s glaring at the water with a plain expression. There’s still silence.

But I like it like that.

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