To All of The Lost

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Chapter 3: School

AT SCHOOL I was pretty smart, but also pretty shy, I only had one friend who wasn’t even in my class. Her name was Blaire. She lived across the street from me. She had a older brother and was very creative and friendly. She had a lot of friends.

We met because our parents are friends, Blaire’s dad had faced many criminal charges and ended up dying in prison, my dad told me that. He said to tell nobody.

AFTER A WHILE we just stopped talking. I don’t know why, but we just stopped. Blaire became friends with other people and were constantly with them. I know that it was ok to have other friends, but Blaire was the only friend I had, and I felt so alone after that.

That summer, my dad announced to me that he was dating someone. I was surprised to say the least. At only was Dad getting old, but the biggest thing was that the last bit of hope that Dad still loved Mom and that there were going to eventually get back together was gone.

I had no words. I didn’t want to be rude, so I just nodded. I guess I just need to learn that Dad is allowed to be happy. Even with someone else besides Mom. I cant control him forever. Dad seemed surprised that didn’t have much of a reaction but he just nodded back. Then he told me she was coming to dinner Friday night.

I couldn’t even say anything. This felt too rush. I had just heard about this. I looked down trying to hide my true feelings, and then forced myself to nod again. I then told him I was going to do homework in my room.

I had no homework.

It was summer break.

When she came that on Friday night, I was silent. It didn’t feel
normal. Normal is like when me and my dad go out to fish. Normal is like going to a classroom in a elementary school and it having the smell of crayons. Normal dinners for me were when my dad asking about my day and me bursting into conversation.

“I’ve heard a lot about you.” She said.

I didn’t know what to say. Nobody had ever even tried to be interested in me, and this felt forced.

I just nodded.

My dad and the women exchanged glances. The women smelt like heavy perfume and had red lipstick and was covered from head to toe with fancy jewelry.

“So I heard you’re going to middle school next year, are you nervous?” She asked politely.

“Not really.” I immediately answered. The women pretended to be interested in her salad and we all sat in silence until my dad wiped his hand down his jeans and asked “So, how was your day kiddo?”
“We went fishing, remember?” I said with a tone like it was obvious like all the sassy girls in my class did.

Finally, it hit my father.

“Oh, right. Sorry.”

“May I be excused?”

I didn’t wait for his answer before I got up from the table.

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