To All of The Lost

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The House

“The house” was a beach house just a street away from Bethany beach. According to the “legends” my dad told me, it was house built in the 80s that a newly weds had lived from when it was constructed to when it was probably consider ancient and they died from old age with many kids and grandkids.

Apparently, when my dad saw it online after the divorce, it was “fate” telling him to buy it. I’m pretty sure that house just happened to appear when he was looking for houses online, but I can’t disagree that it was a great decision.

Through the years, my dad has renovated it a little bit in his free time and he bought some new furniture but it still looked pretty old. My dad said he liked the “old touch”.

A couple of days after the dinner, my dad took me to the local community pool. It was one of those things he rarely did. While he was packing up the car with some towels and dive toys, I noticed Blaire’s house, the house across from us. Suddenly, her mom and her came out and we’re packing up the car too. It was filled with a gift bag, a towel, and googles. I suddenly turned back to my dad so they won’t notice I was staring at them. But then, I saw my dad turned to the direction of Blaire’s mom and grin and wave. I turn back to see Blaire’s mom had apparently waved first to my dad. And just like that, my whole plan was ruined.

My dad had motioned for them to come over to us and they just like my dad had asked to them to do, they walked over. I pretend to be putting my stuff in the car.

“Hello Dave! Hello Maya! How are you?” She greeted us with a grin. Blaire’s mom had always been the kind type, like super kind. She spent her free time volunteering and helping out charities and I remember one time when me and Blaire were still friends she told me that she once went to the grocery store and paid for everybody who was in the store their groceries for them.

“Nice to see you Stacy.” My dad said with a smile. “We’re good… we were actually planning to head to the pool with a little.” Blaire’s mom grin grew bigger, if that was even possible. “Well what a coincidence! I’m actually heading to the pool just to drop off Blaire at friend’s birthday pool party.” Of course Blaire had been invited to a pool party. Of course.

Then it hit me.

Me and Blaire.

Would be at the same pool.

At the same time.

“The community one?” My dad asked. She nodded. Blaire was just looking down silently. “Well, unfortunately, we must head off.” Blaire’s mom said with a frown like it was the biggest deal in the world. They exchanged waves again before she head off with Blaire across the street.

“Shot, I forgot sunscreen.” My dad frowned a little. “Don’t say that. I’ll get some.”

My dad was being extra nice ever since he started dating again.

And for the first time, I didn’t like it.

The pool wasn’t too bad. For the most part, Blaire would just hang with some girls in our grade that I had never talked to and I would be all alone like a loser playing with my dive toys and practicing my strokes like a grandma.

After 2 hours, Blaire and her friends had disappeared and I assumed they were eating some food up on the hill where there’s some picnic tables. I grinned. Finally, the pool was clear expect for a mom with a baby.

After the sun started setting and it was officially 6pm, me and my dad left. That night I showered and put on some sweatpants and a oversized shirt and headed downstairs when I noticed my father doing some weird things.

“What’s for dinner?” I asked, collapsing onto a barstool next to the kitchen counter. “Salad and steak.” My dad must’ve notice the expression on my face because he said. “Fiona coming tonight-“ “Again?” I interrupted. He ignore me. “And I would like if you’d would be a little nicer to her. “So we’re having steak?” He nodded silently.

Normal dinners weren’t ever fancy. And we never ate dinner in the dining room.

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