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Friendship doesn't have any gender, race or nationality.

Anna sarah
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I am Anna, I am 13 years old and I had a dream to learn chinese language. My schooling was in Kuwait. Days were going normally, until the new student came, a transferred student from China.His name was Li Lian. I was so happy that day. I went and introduced myself to him, and he didn't talk much,he was an introvert. It took me a lot of time to be friends with him, but we I tried my best to be his friend. Days went and I became close to him,we slowly became buddies.I asked him if he could teach me chinese. He was not willing at first, but I made him agree to it somehow.I was so happy that he was willing. He started to teach me , and I didn't find it hard to learn. Because I was really interested in it. Time flew fast and we became older. I was 16. And I knew to talk chinese well. I actually wanted to be his friend just to learn chinese. But now we are inseparable. We got the same courses in 11th standard. Days passed and we happily graduated from school. We thought of going to the university in China. Our parents agreed on it. I took arts and he took science. By that time, I made him an extrovert. But now I can't close his mouth. I was the only Indian student in the university. When people tried to bully me , Li Lian used to saved me even though I wasn't that scared. Slowly everyone got friendly with me, I was so happy to do my higher studies in China. We then graduated from university. We then got separated , I went back to India for my job and he worked in China. We were so sad when we separated. We never thought we would meet each other. But we still keep in touch. Days passed, neither of us was happy. After I got my annual leave, I thought of going to China to visit him and give him a surprise. I went to China, I was searching for him, and then after one day of searching, I finally got him. He was so surprised when he saw me, we both really changed a lot. We hung out that day. We drank and talked a lot that we missed during these years. I told him that I had a person that I liked, his name was Peter. He was so happy to hear that. He somehow helped me with it, my marriage was coming and he came for my wedding and I was so happy. After some months his marriage was over too. Everybody was happy. And I was so happy to have a friend like him.
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