Peace (Short Story By Chinmayee Mohanty)

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Peace lies in wisdom

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ib: true events

Aarush and Abha were living happily with their only son Adi. Adi was a very lovable child though he didn't perform that we'll academically. Whenever his parents attended the ptm they felt ashamed and were humiliated in front of all parents by the teacher because of Adi's performance.
One day Adi's father got really angry with him and told his wife Abha about his decision to send Adi to boarding school. Abha didn't agree with his decision. Later Abha had to agree because Aarush said that if Adi would go to boarding school, he would do very well academically and the boarding school would enable him to lead a disciplined life.
When Aarush and Abha went to a boarding school for Adi's admission who was in fifth grade. Adi was too sad and cried his eyes out begging not to send him to boarding school. Adi was finally admitted in a boarding school. Three days later his parents returned home. Adi was missing his parents and friends too much. Three months passed like this but Adi wasn't able to cope with the boarding school. He performed worse and got poor marks in his exams. Within six months he got depressed and always had a painful headache. The principal informed Adi's parents about his health. His parents immediately went and got their son to hospitals for treatment but everything was in vain. Two months passed but there still was no improvement in Adi's health. As days passed he got more and more serious and was bedridden, always having a bad headache. His parents were too worried and tried all kinds of treatment but to no avail and Adi dies within a year.
After losing their son Aarush and Abha were mentally disturbed and physically exhausted. Abha always blamed Aarush for their son's death. They quarrelled everyday over little things and were just passing their days. One day their neighbour told Abha that they were very much disturbed by their behaviour. Abha felt insulted and sad however she didn't say anything to the neighbour and assured them that they won't be disturbed further.
Abha told her husband about the neighbour. They both were sad and cried a lot in memory of their deceased son. They decided to shift their house and start their life anew. After a few days they shifted their house and started a new life serving the poor children. They saw glimpses of their son in these poor children and spent the rest of their life peacefully.
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