Finding Faith

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Admist the challenges of graduating highschool. Going to college, and xhildhood bullies. Faith must find the courage to hold strong to her values. Even when it seems the world is determined to drag her down.

Other / Drama
Veronica S. Lawson
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The sun shone brightly above me. Its gentle rays of light softly caressing my pale sun kissed skin. My ocean blue eyes staring fixedly upon the white animal shapes floating gently across the sky. The small green blades of grass swaying gently in the breeze as my small 1st grade body sprawled lazily within its grip. I could hear the joyous laughter of the other kids as they ran excitedly through the playground. Their attention firmly on their game rather than the unhappy schoolgirl hidden within the grass.

It seemed like yesterday when I moved here. My head filled with thoughts of all the new friends I would soon make once school began. Only to walk through that red wood door on the second day of being there, and having icy glares pinning me in place. It was like I had cooties or something.

No one would get within 5 feet of me, and if they did. It would end in gum in my hair and tears in my eyes from the harsh treatment of the other kids. It only got worse when Samantha the worst of the bullies found the little Book of Mormon my mom gave me.

She began spreading lies about me worshiping the devil and being a demon that will take away their souls if they get to close. Apparently, the girls’ parents are not too fond of our religion. They apparently made it a point to fill Samantha’s head with all these terrible things our kind supposedly do. Which of course Samantha proceeded to inform the class of. I tired explaining to the others that those rumors are not true and that we do not in fact worship the devil. I tried to tell them about the plan of salvation and that we believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy ghost but it was useless. Turns out once the rumors began nothing can stop it. Whether it be true or not.

I had hoped the teacher would at least intervene when she saw what was happening but all she said was that is not nice before continuing class. Proceeding to ignore any further bullying. Obviously, her comment was seen as enough intervention in her book. So, the bullying continued. Samantha being the leader of the mob.

“Well look what we have here. Looks like a little worm trying to hide in the mud to me.” Speak of the devil and she shall appear. I grimaced closing my eyes. Praying she would leave if I did not respond. The sharp kick to my side by a pair of high heeled shoes broke that fantasy. Gasping in pain, holding my throbbing side, I rolled over onto my knees. Glaring up at the smirking brunet staring down at me. Her two hench girls flanking either side of her. Identical smirks outlining their pasty white faces.

The overpowering scent of rose perfume made me gag as I pushed myself carefully to my feet. My side still throbbing with each movement.

“What do you want Samantha. Don’t you have some kindergartener to pick on.” I wearily snapped crossing my arms protectively over my chest. My eyes discretely scanning the area for a teacher that could scare the witch away. No dice. Why is it whenever I need a teacher they are no where to be found?

“Aww that’s not a very nice tone, and here I thought we were friends.” She playfully pouted sticking out her bottom lip. Hazel eyes gleaming dangerously as she enjoyed my discomfort.

“Samantha the day we are friends is the day you no longer smell like a rats butt.” I snapped scrubbing a hand down my face as I frantically thought of a way out of this situation. She scowled at me. An angry glare on her face as she snapped her fingers. Causing the girls on either side of her to respond and begin to circle me. I gulped as I watched them begin to box me in. Nope that is not a place I ever want to be in with these girls.

“Welp this has been fun, but I really got to dash.” Before I could scurry away in search of a teacher to hide behind. I felt Samantha’s fluorescent pink nails sink into my auburn curls. Yanking me harshly backwards and onto the suddenly not so friendly ground.
Wincing in slight pain at the stinging in my hands. I stared up in terror at the grinning Samantha as she pulled a pair of scissors from her bag. Not the safety scissors either.

“Where you get that.” I demanded swallowing my fear and attempting to look brave. Though the tremble in my shoulders may have given away the act. She chuckled at my question. Kneeling in front of me so we were eye level with each other.

“Oh, Faith did you really think I would settle for some silly safety scissors during arts and crafts? I swiped these from Mrs. Tanners desk when she was busy drooling over the vice principal.” I grimaced at that. Remembering the faraway look in our teachers’ eyes. When the vice principal introduced the new transfer student to us. I think the new kids name was Arnold, or was it, Aaron? Something like that.

“Makes it easier for other things too.” I gulped at that not liking the look in her eyes as she played with the very sharp scissors inches from my face.

“W… What other things?” I stammered shrinking back as she drew closer. Only to feel Samantha’s goons pinning my hands to my side. Holding me in place. I could feel her hot cinnamon breath ghosting across my ear as she leaned in close. Making me shiver in dread for what lay ahead.

“Why a make over of course.” She cooed in my ear making me pale and stare at her in horror. My brain already connecting the dots as I frantically began to struggle to no avail.

“Now hold still Faith dear. Wouldn’t want me to slip now would we.” She hummed grabbing a fistful of my beautiful auburn curls and yanking it harshly toward her. Causing tears of pain to fill my crystal blue eyes. Unable to escape I watched in despair as she began snipping away at my shoulder length hair. Cutting away almost every curl until all that remained was the odd clump here and there.

Sitting back on her heels she admired her work with a grin before reaching down and scooping up a clump of mud. Smearing it harshly across my face. Her long manicured nails scrapping across my cheek. Leaving behind the odd cut here and there oozing a drop of blood which mingled nicely with my tears of despair and agony.

“There is beautiful. You look just like the demon girl you are.” She giggled pushing herself to her feet and turning away from me. Shoving me away the other two girls quickly leaped to follow their retreating leader. Leaving me alone surrounded by the devastation Samantha had wrought.

With shaking hands, I attempted to scoop up the fallen hair. Hoping in vain I could just smash it back on my head and pretend like none of this happened. Of course, my plan failed as the strands merely slipped through my trembling fingers. Rejoining its lost sisters on the ground. Covering my mouth with a hand I bent over my knees sobbing harshly into the ground as my heart broke once again. It was only when a small hand landed on my shoulder that I was forced from my despair.

Jumping in alarm. I spin around. Terrified that its Samantha come back for more. Only to see the smiling face of the new kid staring me down.

“Hey, your Faith, aren’t you? Do you want to play with me?” I gaped at him in confusion. The unexpected question working to momentarily stop my tears as I stared at him in shock.

“W…What?” I stammered. Not certain I heard him correctly.

“Do you want to play with me. We could play tag, or hide and seek, or we can see if one of the teachers has a ball we can use and kicked the ball back and forth.” He suggested rambling on about all the different games we could play. Completely oblivious to my shock as I sat there dumb founded.

“Y…. You want to play with me?” He stopped at that. A confused frown on his face as he regarded me.

“Yeah? Do you not want to?”

“B…But don’t you think I am a demon?” He reeled back at this completely shocked at my honest question.

“No why would I?”

“Well because I am a Mormon?” I hesitantly replied unsure how many rumors he has already heard. Only for my mouth to drop in absolute shock at his next words.

“So. I am too but I’m not a demon.” He stated matter of factly.

“Wait you’re a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints too.” I sputtered staring at him in awe. Completely forgetting about my missing hair.

“Yep, and proud of it.” He sang grinning at me as he offered me a hand up. Hesitating slightly, I take his small hand in mine. Allowing him to pull me to my feet as he continued grinning at me.

“Now. Will you please play with me?” He asked again gesturing to the playground where the other kids were still happily playing. With a board smile breaking across my face I eagerly nodded. Wiping away the last traces of tears from my cheeks as well as some mud. Taking his hand back in mine we both ran off to the playground. Ignoring the devastated looks on the other kids faces as they saw the new kid playing with the class demon.
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