The hurt of mine you comfort

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I will make you cry tw suicide, drug, abuse,cutting, and this is a connoreatspants x Jack Manifold book ( also this is just my trama dumping into my favorite ship warning!)

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The beginning of this terrible thing

connoreatspants pov.

The coldness of my bed room slowly seeking into my skin, the coldness felt oh most comforting. I got up, looking at the mess of my room, it had old water bottle, food, clothing, trash, I haven't had cleaned in a long time mostly, because I mostly sleeping, getting out of bed is hard. I looked at the mess looking for something clean or just ok to wear. I grabed a old t-shirt with some movie on it. Walking to my pc, turning it on, the screen making my face look blue oh most. Seeing all the discord message I had missed for sleeping in, so many for friends, it was oh most comforting that people cared. I had to sit there a open all of them and read them, it felt like a hour of just that, I swear I could hear the panic in them over texts. The only response they got was a texts that read I am ok now, I kinda had a suicide thought break down and I try to kill myself, I only had told niki and I guess she had told the other when I stopped responding to her texts.

This book is a vent book aka just my trama dumping into one of my ship
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