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The Daughter's Sin

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Ever wondered what kind of life a preacher’s daughter is like? Or any preachers’ kid in general. Well let me tell you, I've seen it first hand, lived it and I can vouch that this is what happens in their lives, so strap in and enjoy the ride cause it’s going to be a wild one.

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Ruby Real
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When everyone thinks of a preacher’s daughter they think that she’s well mannered, has class and a good girl. (Scoff) well maybe some are but we know for a fact that most of them aren’t.

Nina, one of the many many preacher’s children who had to keep up with the reputation and the good kid attitude because that’s what is expected of them right?

Sadly, that made her a target for bullies and people to pick on her because they all think she won’t fight back, but she had enough, little did they know not all preachers’ children are good kids, and not everyone will keep up with the good girl act.

This is probably your normal cliche kind of book but no, we’re not talking about a good girl gone bad because she fell in love with The bad boy like what you see in movies or books or whatever you get your entertainment from. No, no, this is the story and life of the “higher-ups” children who are stereotyped as good ones.

Join Nina in her life, get to know what it’s really like being a daughter of someone who has a reputation of being a role model for everyone in your life.

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