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The world is A Terrible Place.

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Chapter 1

Equality is something that society always has trouble facing, no matter what is or what it may be there is always A form of Hierarchy between everyone. Truly no one is equal we are all drawn to power but only the ones who are true may reach it. As fate comes and goes it’s not fair for everyone for such, some may suffer fates this may be fair or unfair based on the perchance of past designs and the delusion of justice now this design may serve the right to activate other pieces of the mind to help with these decisions whenever they are better than others. As this equality may come forth as a simple dream where there is no right and then again wrong there is only A blank sheet of paper for people to discover and fold witch is the sad truth of it. Things such as things get folded in never to be uncrossed for it is a consequence as one’s actions towards each other. Which this comes both gold actions and parasitic actions for the cost of something valuable come people to take and never give back giving the world memory of never forgiveness. People take advantage of one’s tyranny and proceed to be a leach not to others but to the world itself. People may get hurt for this kind of response as a type of karma for the paramedic leaches to carve the earth into a factory of never endless tar and pollution. But for each ending comes a beginning a new world is being created as soon another one is destroyed A never-ending cycle.

Orion came to sense the time for, everything for when the earth collapsed, she went to to the deep pits of space and back she rebreed the times back in that alleyway she rebreed all the horrible things humanity has done how she couldn’t stop anything for there was nothing she could do the shaking felt worse the rattling noise of realization for everything was dusty, shaken and frightened but then came a moment of silence for told the one that revealed all whenever she turned it was hopeless. The feeling of empowerment bestowed upon her crushing her guts in the mist. For she felt strange then the ever groaning of pain hit her mind was frizzled she felt like she was melting. She then began to look at her surroundings and get belittled as she spoke to herself in comfort in a shaky breath she yelled.

“Were The Hell am I!?”

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