A girls life with men

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About a young woman named Selena who just wanted to be happy graduate school and collage and have a good job and then settle down and make a family of here own but her life didn't go as planned.

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Selena Gasson
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A girls life

Chapter 1- 2018
Selena has just turned 18. No one prepared her for what was coming her way. Selena was a foster child from the ages 9-18. Selena was taken because of her pervert of a uncle. Well on Selena's 18th birthday she was moved from a facility called buckeye. She was interduced to a married couple who owned a independent living home. They taught her the basics which she struggled with at the time. Which was cooking, cleaning and proper hygiene. Yes it's embarrassing when you are afraid of the shower at 18 , but she has had a long history that gave her a good reason. Well a few months later in November of 2018 she met a guy who was fat but she sall him as sexy.He interduced himself as Jonathon but he goes by jon. She flirted with him and a few days later She was no longer a Virgin.
Chapter 2- 2019
It's been a few months and all was going well. Selena did find out that jon has a sever criminal back ground. Jons a sever sex addict. Selena found out he had a bad drinking habit and that he was married and they were homeless off and on. The worst part is she never had a place to call home and never have had a job, and Selena and Jon ended up in a car accident that got Selena hurt.
Chapter 3- liar
Anyways a few weeks later jon proposed and then he met 2 girls named Anne and Sarah. Selena and Jon got into a fight because Selena wanted him to stop drinking so Selena left. Well when Selena came back a week later after Jon begged her to come back. So she did but to find out a week later he had tried to have sex with Anne but she was loyal and married but Sarah did and she was a secret prostate. So they got into it and he raised his hand to hit Selena and Anne stepped in. Annie told Jon if he did then there gonna fight. So jon called me them a bitch and walked off. Anne took Selena to her hotel room and invited a friend who was single named Shelby. Selena was 19 years old at the time and Shelby was 38 years old. Well Selena jumped off and on relationship between Shelby and Jon and was telling her self Selena loved both of them to realize they both were just using Selena for company and sex. Well advenyually Selena and Shelby broke up and never got back together again.
Chapter 4- 2020
Well Selena had gotten in a argument with Selena 3 times and Jon assaulted Selena. Well Selena was in Berlin,Georgia,United states. Selena finally realized that Jon wasn't going to change and Selena was wanting to settle down and Jon wanted to travel and he didn't have the money for it. She had been too several states and sleeping in Jon's car with Jon.
Chapter 5- 2020/2021
Well Selena broke up with Jon on Thanksgiving day and Selena called her dad and Selena's friend at the time Matt gave his friend $100 to come get me. Selena had fallen for matt when they first met a few months back. Selena's father was trying to set them up but matt said no then changed his mind. So pretty much love at first sight. Matt has been friends with Selena's dad for several years. Selena knows Matt's the one meant for her. Selena got butterflies in her stomachache and she never had that feeling before. They want to get married but they can't and there relationship is still standing.

To be continued to book #2
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