6 Feet Under

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Chapter 1

Roseilyn P.O.V

I stood in the bleachers and watched Conner, the love of my life, walk up onto the stage to collect his diploma. He did so with a smile and a dimpled grin. He had grey eyes and blond hair, and his grin was one of the ones that stretched ear to ear. He walked down the stage and towards me, and pecked my lips.
He laughed and whispered, ”I can’t believe we made it.”
I grinned and whispered back, “ Me neither. Take that Mr Samer.”
He laughed again, and couldn’t stop grinning.
He then said, “Here come Devon and Abbagail.”
“Aww, they found us,” I pouted.
He chuckled under his breath. They walked up to us grinning.
Devon said “Want to get out of here before we’re smothered?”
Abbagail nodded, and so did Conner. I just shrugged. They all took that as acceptance enough, and dragged me towards Conner’s car.
“Let’s go get ice cream,” Conner suggested. Devon and Abbagail nodded in sync. I just shrugged, again. The twins sighed and glared at me. I just grinned at their exasperation. Conner chuckled, and started the car. He drove the car out of the parking lot and into the late afternoon traffic.
The twins were chatting away happily, not caring that Conner and I weren’t listening. I was absentmindedly staring out of my window, half listening to the twins ramble, and thinking about what I would pack for collage.
All the sudden the car jerked to a sudden stop. I whipped around to stare at Conner, who had hit his head on the steering wheel when the car jerked and had passed out. I grabbed the steering wheel and jerked the car off the road, I jerked to hard though and the car went flipping through the air and slammed into a tree. Everything went black.


I jerked awake with a noise between a gasp and a yelp. Just a dream, I chanted over and over to myself. It only took me a minute to calm myself down and awaken my brain.
Today was Thursday, and I had to get to school. I jumped out of bed too quickly and stumbled on my way towards my adjoining bathroom. I hadn’t even bothered to check the time yet I glanced briefly at my alarm clock and my eyes widened, was I really that late. I had less then twenty minutes to be at school, and it was a ten minute walk to get there. I couldn’t afford to get another tardy, I had already gotten enough this month. After a fleeting look at the mirror, I decided to skip the shower. I ran into my closet and slipped on my everyday clothes, a black sweater, a pair of ripped jeans, and a pair of grey tennis shoes. I raced out of my empty house.

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