6 Feet Under

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Chapter 2

As I walked down the sidewalk I contemplated my life. It’s not like I have ever had anyone. My parents left me at an orphanage when I was a baby.
I was adopted by my first adoptive parents when I was three, my adoptive mother loved me more than anything, my adoptive father loved me because I made his wife happy. I was five when my adoptive mother was diagnosed with cancer, and was six when she died. Five days after she passed my adoptive father dropped me back off at the orphanage. I guess I reminded him of a lot of memories of his dead wife.
I was adopted by my second adoptive parents when I was ten. Neither of them really cared for me, and I didn’t care for them. They still kept me around for about a year, then they dropped me off at the orphanage.
That’s around the time that the dreams started. Ever since then I’ve had a different one every night. They always end the same way though, all four of us dead, somewhere. Always about me, Conner, Abbagail, and Devon.
I haven’t been adopted since, It was on my fifteenth birthday when I ran away from the orphanage where I had grown up. I had lived here since then. I had a job as a chef at the local bakery, and the owner looked after me as if she was my mother. I had a small home at the edge of town, right by the local library, otherwise known as my favorite place on earth. Nobody knows anything about my past, and I plan to keep it that way.


I finally arrived at the drab prison that is more commonly called high school.
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