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Story #4 - The Enchanted Tree

In a kingdom, far, far away, there is a forest filled with elves, fairies, unicorns and a whole lot of other magical creatures. That forest is known as the Enchanted Forest. In that forest, in the very centre of it, is its very life force, a giant golden tree. From its roots to the very last leaf it is decked in gold. Many royals have tried to cut down the tree or take its leaves and branches, but none have succeeded, all because of its powerful defense, however, that does not mean it is indestructible, quite the opposite.

It can be destroyed, but only by the darkest of magic power and monsters. If the whole tree were to be destroyed it would weaken all creatures living in the forest, the forest would die and fall into darkness. However, if one seed or leaf were to somehow survive, there would still be hope.

As long as the seed or leaf exists, the forest, along with its many magical creatures, shall remain safe. To plant the seed or leaf and make it grow effectively, one must first find soil that has not been touched by darkness. Place the soil into a pot, gently wrap the seed or leaf in the leaf of an Argan Tree, place it into the soil and cover it up.

Every second day, for a week, water it with water from the Enchanted Lake. Once it statts to sprout take it to the centre of the forest and re-plant it where the tree stood before. It will start to grow, more powerful than the previous tree, and the forest, along with its creatures will be saved.
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