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Story #5 - The Panda and the Kitty Cat

Long ago in a land far, far away, there lived a fuzzy panda that lazed about all day. This panda was very lonely, but on one sunny afternoon he got a surprise visit from a pretty kitty.
The kitty ran up to the panda and meowed in excitement at seeing him. The panda petted the kitty woth glee, glad to have some company.
'Meow,' the kitty says, as it rubs against the panda's leg.
The panda gets an idea. Quickly trotting away and returning moments later with a box.

'Meow?,' the kitty looks at the box in confusion, unsure what it is.
The panda places the box on the ground, revealing that it's just that, an empty box, perfectly sized for one kitty.
The kitty inspects it curiously, then jumps inside excitedly. The kitty looks up at the panda, hoping the panda will join, 'meow?'

The panda shakes his head sadly. The box is only big enough for the little kitty, but he sits with his new friend and gives her pets. The kitty purrs as the panda gives her pets.
She looks at him, happy to just be there with him.
The panda tilts its head in a smile, and the kitty smiles back, as they watch the sun set on the warm, sunny afternoon.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The end.
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