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Story #6 - Little Sheep

Hello pretty little sheep, you look so good to me. Pretty little sheep, your eyes say yes as you stare at me. Pretty little sheep, talking with all your friends, do you know that I am watching you? My pretty little sheep, tonight you shall be mine, I hope you are ready.

I am inside your cozy little house, fit for a pretty little sheep. You just arrived home, I hope I can surprise you, I am waiting in darkness for you, little sheep. Don't look at me like that, pretty little sheep, are you not happy to see me? Are you not happy to feel me?

I promise it will be over soon, I brought a little toy to play with, it's long, sharp and made of steel, can you guess what it is? My pretty, pretty little sheep, I'm going to bury you six feet deep!

You are all over the place, my little sheep. This is going to take a while to clean. I wish you could have seen, this masterpiece you created with me. Your body is so heavy, little sheep, you should lose more weight. I shall put you into bed shortly, we are almost there, then, my pretty little sheep, you can sleep soundly. Are you comfortable, little sheep? I chose this bed of dirt just for your pretty little face. Enjoy your slumber my sweet, little sheep.

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