The Devil and Joe Daily

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Chapter 33

Chapter 33

He saw Johnson out on the stoop as he walked toward the house, and the old man ran as fast as his old body would move out to meet him. They hugged.

“You’re okay.”

“I’m fine, my friend,” Joe said. He pushed the old man away and looked him over. It was a fine sight. “I’m so sorry. I heard about Margaret.”

Johnson hugged him once more and cried onto his shoulder.

That evening, as Joe sat in the darkness waiting for his power to be restored, he heard a knock at the door. When he opened it, he saw Willy.

“Can I help you?”

“I think you already have,” Willy said smiling. “But yeah, you can.”

They walked inside, and Willy looked his friend up and down.

“I need a man, a wise man, to be my manager. Write press releases, look after things. I told you I’d take care of you.”

“Now that sounds like a good deal,” Joe said.

Where is Joey Goodman

When Joey Goodman pitched the ball back to Willy Jackson and then caught the game winning pass in the national championship game, it was the ending to a fairy tale story. But in a fairy tale, the character rides off into the sunset. Joey Goodman didn’t just ride off into the sunset. He disappeared altogether. Where is Joey Goodman?

He left his Heisman Trophy. He left millions of dollars in riches on the table. And he vanished. He won’t be suiting up any time soon for an NFL team. He won’t be playing in the pro bowl. He won’t be making inspirational speeches about how the little, unknown guy with unspeakable talent can walk-on and become a superstar on the biggest of all stages.

Or will he?

Will Joey Goodman magically appear once more and take the reins of the football stallion to lead his team to victory once more? Will he tell us where he’s been? Or will he leave us with more questions than answers, to try and discover the answer to the Sphinx’s question all by ourselves?

Only Joey Goodman knows that answer. And it seems he’s not speaking.

Joey, if you’re out there reading this, maybe sipping a cup of coffee and remembering the dream we all shared, let me be the first to say “Thank you”. You brought a dream to life. You made us believe the impossible is possible. You showed us a once in a lifetime, true and bright, shining star.

Joe, or “Joey” as he once was, set down his cup of coffee. He thought back to the championship season, the year Vandy won the national championship, and he walked off into the Nashville sunset to live out the rest of his life as best he could. And, of course, to be ever mindful of Al lest he ever meet up with him on another dark night.

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