Peace? Whats that?

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A short story based on finding peace

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Peace ?

Peace ? What's that?

She walks alone through life, a lonely solitary figure. Her friends are few but she distances from them. Her family are many but they don't approve of her. She goes minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, in a mist of gloom and dread. Her depression is overwhelming, her soul is haunted, her mind is preyed apoun by evil. Everywhere she looks despair and sorrow look back at her. The films she watches reminds her of the family life she wishes she had. All those happily ever afters. Where was hers? Her music choice was a playlist of suicide songs and songs about nostalgia. Her drawings featured demons and dark creatures preying apoun innocents. She lived in a world of misery.

Until one day, someone noticed her. Someone noticed her restlessness, her despair, her broken spirit. They walk by her and drop a note on her desk.

" Go to the woods at sunset" the note says in blue swirly writing.

The girl looks at it and frowns. The woods? At sunset? Was it a trick? A trap? Her mind goes over and over the endless possibilities of why she had been told to go to the woods.

School finishes and she's seized by an impulse to go to the woods.

She walks alone her mind lost in thought. Her eyes begin to widen as she takes in the emerald green leaves clinging to branches. The soft dewy grass beneath her feet. The rainbow of colourful flowers. The trickle of water lapping reaches her ears. She hears the calls of birds flying above her slowly flapping their wings. The silence, the quietness, the tranquility. Its all a foreign thing to her. Never before had her mind felt so at ease. Never before had her body untensed. Never before had her soul not felt in turmoil. Instead something strange was happening to her. Something strange and wonderous. For the first time she felt at. ease. For the first time she felt at peace. Sunset came and she watched as pink and golden rays of light filled the sky. She listened as birds tweeted and squirrels chattered and leaves swayed. She listened until she couldn't stop the positive thoughts filling her mind. Until she finally felt at peace with the world
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