Suicide at the beach

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Life is cruel

Slowly ,slowly ,slowly, the sea laps at the stones embedded in it. All is calm. All is quiet. The beach is empty , just debris and seaweed remains there. The dying sun is in the sky, candy floss of pinks and gold floating lazily. Nobody is here. And yet who is this? A lone solitary figure can be seen in the distance slowly drawing nearer and nearer. Dressed head to toe in black they look out of place in such a calm area of tranquility. A hood droops of their face, hiding them from view. Hands dug deep in pockets they're slowly trudging nearer. What are they doing here? Why are they here at this time of the day when everyone has left?

They walk into the sea. slowly . Steadily. Their hood falls back revealing a womens face. Who is she? Nobody knows. Even she doesn't know anymore. Her name, her age, her identity all unknown. She could be a sarah, a jane, a lily. She could be a university graduate, a mum to two children, a lawyer. Nobody knows. She doesn't know. Whats the point in knowing her own identity if she never needs it. She doesn't speak to anyone. She doesn't celebrate birthdays or events. She's just there.

She keeps walking the water is rising to her waist now. She remembers the first time she danced with a boy at her prom. The feel of his hands on her waist. The butterflies she'd had in her stomach. All a distant memory. She walks on. The waters lapping at her hoodie , pulling it.
One step. Two step.
The waters at her chest now. She feels it flowing back and forth against her chest. It reminds her of her child. The way she'd help her special baby bundle close to her. The way she'd looked into her daughters sky blue eyes nursing her. Soon she will be joining her.

One step. Two step.

A flicker of anxiety flares in her chest. Is this the right decision? She dismisses the thought and takes a step forward.
Water splashes her lips hitting , her nose. She remembers the nights she used to go to her friends as a teen and laver themselves in makeup. Where were them friends now? A long gone memory.

One more step and the waters in her mouth , up her nose. She gives in to deaths hands and lets the watery grave claim her.
Her last thought is " life is cruel " before she's pulled to the bottom of the sea ,to a watery grave bed.
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