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What if.... there once was werewolves and vampires but a war killed most of them, and then a illness break out killing the rest of them. Most of the humans who has werewolves as mates or had pups pushed all of there memories to the back of there minds so they could go back and live like a normal human, but there was two packs that didn't do that. They keep the pack ways. The vampires had lovers who got 'lost' after all vampires was gone. And they keep looking for there lovers or looking for someone to be there lover which sent them back to the human world. Which left the humans and witches together, which left things for a mess for thirty years, for everyone. The two packs has had the worst of it though. The Moon Goddess has blessed these two packs, but something is coming up from the witches, and then something that they hadn't seen in over thirty years is coming. How can the two packs deal with things that are coming there way?

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Chapter 1

What if werewolves and vampires was on the earth till there was a huge war that killed them? What if a illness that only werewolves and vampires could get broke out, and killed the rest of ones that was not killed the war? What if that war was only thirty years ago? What if some of the werewolves has human mates and vampires had human lovers? What if there was only witches for the humans to deal now? What if there was a new generation of werewolves on there way? Well the may get answered, if you stay to read it.

Hello to anyone that maybe reading this story. My name is Luna River… well to the outside world or as some of us 'humans' like to call it the human land, I'm just called River. I live on what use to be pack territory, the pack was called The Moon River Pack. Sure its funny how the pack has name in it, but has or had always been called that. There is a fence that was put up by the pack around the whole boarder and when the war came a lot of the pack land was destroyed. It was every wolf pack for its self when the war came and rouges was just as bad if not worse then some of the other packs that attacked us. I wanted to fight with my mate who was Alpha but I had to stay back it the other humans and I was not happy about it.

Right now there is fifty to sixty humans in the pack that is a lot to come and go, sometimes we have more but they are from other packs in the area. I will only humans who have been a mate onto the pack land, sure that sounds means but I don’t want other humans on this land. Its been thirty years since the damn ass war and the damn ass illness that came into the damn world. The war took away our mates, any wolf that could fight from us. After the war was over a illness attacked our kids that didn't fight and the wolfs that was too old to fight, from us. The pack had a few investors that worked with vampires also so after the war and the illness the pack started to get calls from the investors asking about there workers. I had meet the vampires before so as soon as the calls came in for the vampires I only rolled my eyes as I told the investors they was dead. Vampires are the 'undead' so they tactilely are really dead now.

Right now I'm sitting in the Alpha's office well its now the 'Luna's office' I spent most of my time in here if I'm with the others. This was one of the building didn't destroyed in the war and I have no idea how it didn't. I'm looking through some pack busy papers that never got done, it's one of the things I do. Well I would have been a mother, just like twenty of us woman would have if the illness had not came out, we all got it for two or three months strait. We not only lost our mates but our unborn pups too. I let out a sigh as I turn from the paper work to look outside, I hear a light knock on the door "Come on in" I say as I rub my eyes. I turn back around to who walked into the room and it was Jayla, one of the others that had lost her pup "Hello Jayla, what can I do for you?" I ask her and she looks a little nerves "Could I go to the human hospital, I think I may be, you know…." She said as she looked down and I put my hands on the desk "Did you do it with one of the other pack men?" I ask her and she shook her head as fast as she could "I would never cheat on my mate, Luna." She said to me, and I raised an eyebrow at her "Go on, tell me why you think you might be pregnant" I said to her "Luna I am feeling just as was when I was pregnant, before the illness came." I leaned back in the chair and crossed my arms "Go see Mel as the pack hospital first and take the others with you, I want a report." I say to her and she nods as she walks out of the room.
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