Christmas 1980's Style

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Short story about antics in our twenties!

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Christmas 1980's Style


What can I say about the 1980's? So much freedom, fun and outrageous fashion.

There was no Big brother watching you wherever you went, you could be wild and free, such happy uncomplicated times.

I was working in a food factory this particular year, such a boring and monotonous job, so much so, that on a late shift once, I had gone home to bed, woken up to go to work, and hadn't realised that I had slept through an entire shift. I had gone to bed on Monday night, then woke up on Wednesday morning, thinking it was Tuesday!! I thought everyone was playing a practical joke on me when they all asked where I was yesterday… i kept telling them….i was here!!!

It was only when Alice marched me over to the clocking in machine, where I found it had not punched Tuesday, that I realised it was no joke..I slept through a whole extra day without realising it.

I met loads of great people there though, and we all just wanted to have fun.

But oh boy, did we take it too far sometimes?!

We once had a massive food fight in the locker room, ice cream desserts flying over our heads and landing with a splat on the walls, and floors. Screeching and ducking as mince pies flew merrily past our ears and landed in someone's face. It was bedlam, and that was just in our 10 minute tea break.

Someone on their last day at the factory thought it would be a great idea to cause some chaos before she left, so she opened up the fire extinguisher, and sprayed the whole entrance way, we were all covered in white foam, including the supervisor. Then the big boss walked through the door, his hat got knocked clean off his head by a barrage of white foam, he was fuming….but looked hilarious….like he just stepped out of a massive iced cake!!

Everyone dispersed rapidly in fits of giggles.

One of the female staff turned up to work one day, with a lopsided hair style, she had tried to cover up one side of her face, which obviously got her loads of unwanted attention. We just HAD to know why, The strange new hairstyle was intriguing.

It transpired she went out the night before, had a few too many to drink, and during the taxi ride home, while she was fiddling around with the door, looking for the ashtray ( shocking I know...smoking in a taxi!) she instead found the door handle, pulled it, opened the door, and stumbled out of the moving vehicle. She rolled a few times, then landed on the kerb, where she sat in shock watching her Taxi drive off down the road.

Meanwhile the Taxi driver looked down at the lights on his dashboard, noticing one of the door open lights was he checked his door, leaned over to check the front passenger door, all was OK.

Turned around to look in the rear seat, to find out he no longer had a passenger. He looked in his rear view mirror to find a small figure sitting on the kerb quite some distance away. Of course, he turned around and helped her back in the car and took her home.

But the strange hairstyle was a way of covering up the injury she did to the side of her face on impact with the pavement!! Poor girl.

We all agreed that had it been one of us that this happened to, we would have worn our hair up, and flashed our war wound with pride.

There was normally a special 'do' at Christmas time, and this year was no exception. The company had booked out a nightclub on the end of the pier, it was for a big Christmas dinner, entertainment while we ate, and a disco until the early hours, with a free bar….oh yes…..a free bar!

Tickets went on sale for £20 per person. We were not sure whether to go, so we waited for everybody else to buy tickets to see who was going. By the time we decided to go, the tickets were all sold out!

Which did not deter us in the slightest.

We turned up a little late and told them we had a table booked for 6...Myself and El, (who didn't even work with us!!) Our best friend Harry, Alice with her boyfriend , and one of his friends.

We demanded a table, complaining that someone must have made a mistake, we were outraged. They didn't even ask to see our tickets in the chaos and confusion, they just rushed off, found an extra table and chairs, a white table cover and Christmas decorations, including a lovely glass candle lamp (which El rather liked the look of)

And Christmas crackers all round.

We enjoyed a fabulous 3 course dinner, and drunk more than our body weight of alcohol at the free bar.

Once the tables were all cleared, off we staggered to the dance floor to showcase our dancing talents yet again.

Unbeknown to me, someone had slipped a load of cutlery into my handbag, several knives forks and spoons… I didn't notice until I was on my way home, I did wonder why my bag felt heavy, I just presumed it was because I was so plastered!

I still have them to this day ( don't tell anyone ;) )

As we left the venue, I noticed El was hiding something under her coat, I peeped inside to find she had pinched the glass candle lamp. She can be so sneaky.

I saw it, and sniggered, but kept it to myself, as I didn't want her getting into trouble.

She stood at the top of the long straight staircase, took one step, slipped on the wet surface, and fell onto her backside, then proceeded to slide down the whole staircase on her bottom ..thud...ow….thud...ow...thud..ow

Ow ow ow ow ow ow…..all the way to the ground, where she jumped up proudly to announce she had saved the glass candle lamp.

We laughed all the way to the end of the pier with El gloriously holding up her saved glass candle lamp trophy, proud of her supreme stair fall save. When suddenly off she went again...tripping over the pier decking, this time letting go of her glass trophy, which went sailing up over the head, over the railings and into the sea down below.

We ran to the edge, looked down into the water to see a ripple where Els trophy disappeared forever.

So that was that.

Then, we could not get a taxi anywhere, we ended up having to walk home.

KARMA had reared its ugly head, and we had been punished for our wrongdoings.

Luckily our great friend Harry was on hand to carry us both home, one under each arm.

We all met in the pub the next day, for the usual hair of the dog.

And relished in the fact that we gate crashed a Christmas party, and had a completely free night!

And I gained a free silver cutlery set to boot..

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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