The orange that falls.

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The orange that falls, this is the greedy hard orange that talks while is falling. Once the orange hits the ground the work is done and the author of the book gets the idea and one idea. Difficult to explain how can an orange understand why this writer is creating and breaking from a chain, a tree full of connections. Like this...full of arms legs and hands ... probably with legs and feet. Once on the ground rolls shinning and new ready to a new life. You pick it from the ground and you are eating the orange. You don't need to say evolution and goes directly to the skin. The skin that you ware ...the respect you dress.

Other / Romance
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Black is the newest orange in skirt.

It's about a traveling rolling, orange.
You can do juice...
You can be a dancer between different skins but is so deep to understand the same nude...the movement is present in this book.
The travel, the nature delivery in spite of a mechanical attitude (without thinking too much).
Interest is a stair with an orange dribbling through it.
Love maybe...a curtain that from orange has development, several colors.
Some things fall others get wither.
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