The White Stray

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A Korean woman named Hak Chaerin goes on a vacation with some friends of hers, to be then proposed to by her boyfriend. While completing her vacation, a white stray dog follows her. Curious, she approaches the stray and notices that it is injured. On this note, she takes the stray home. *** A year passes by and Chaerin discovers that she is pregnant, and a few days later, her husband dies in an accident. After months she gives birth to a baby, Hak Cheolgi. years later, Chaerin is kidnapped, and now Cheolgi sets on a journey to find her mother, with a White Stray by her side.

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Chapter 1

Owning some of the best companies may sound like your dream, amazing, five-star hotels, and so on.

Trust me, your dream is a lie.

Hak Chaerin wanted to own the world’s best company, she wanted to be famous. And she got that.

Turns out, it’s harder than she thought. She was prepared for so many hardships, but seriously, the last time she took a vacation was five years ago, when she had just started her company. And then things started to go up and all her vacation plans were gone.

Of course, Chaerin was grateful for the money and her success. She had a loving boyfriend, Lee Hayeon. And a best friend (who also served as her assistant), Mae Cheonja.

Chaerin starts her day by getting ready for work. It is seven in the morning. First, of course, she brushes my teeth and gets changed into my work clothes - a black blazer over a white shirt, and black leggings. Then she puts on her shoes and starts her car.

In the mirror’s view, her copper eyes stared back at her. Freckles were on her face like cinnamon was sprinkled on it. She bites her naturally pink lips and her small nose (which Cheonja loved to call a “bunny nose”) twitched.

She set her way to the office so that she could start correcting people about their mistakes.

Upon reaching, Cheonja greeted her. She had ash brown hair and a bright smile. She had brown eyes and she had double lidded eyes.

‘Hey,’ Chaerin smiled. ‘How’s everything going?’

‘The divorce papers are signed,’ Cheonja sighed. ‘She’s broken down.’

‘Send my love to her,’ Chaerin patted her back. ‘Tell her everything’s gonna be fine.’

Cheonja nodded.

Cheonja’s sister, Soenja, had recently had to divorce her husband. She’s been broken ever since he said he wanted to divorce.

Cheonja wasn’t married yet, but she got engaged last week. Chaerin, on the other hand, wasn’t even engaged and was happy. She still had her boyfriend. That was enough for her.

While doing some paperwork, she finally thought I’d take a break. So, she visited my boyfriend’s bakery. I know, the woman who owns the best company in the world, has won the “Best Entrepreneur Of The Year” award three times in a row, and is on the top ten richest women in the world, is dating - a baker.

Well, she doesn’t care. It’s about the person, not the occupation.

She’d get judged about this a lot, well, by a lot I mean every few minutes someone sees me with her boyfriend, Lee Hayeon.

They actually think she gives a damn about that.

She walked over to him. Hayeon had slightly long black hair and a smile that could make most girls’ hearts melt. He was baking something that smelled delicious. Chaerin could become a little kid when I smelled chocolate. She would beg for it from him.

‘Hey stranger,’ she says with a smile.

‘Well, hello!’ he puts down his cookie dough.

‘Gimme that.’ she pointed at the chocolate cookies. ‘Please.’

‘Nope, it’s for a client- don’t use those eyes, Hak Chaerin.’ he looked away determinedly from the “puppy eyes” Chaerin was giving him.





Chaerin looked right into his eyes, staring daggers. He stared back into hers. Their eyes were watering as we tried not to blink.

‘Only one,’

‘That’s more I like it.’ Chaerin smiled.

she nibbled on the cookie contentedly.

‘So, which client is this?’ she asked.

‘Roseanne Park.’

’Wait, The Roseanne Park?’ Chaerin gasped and squealed. ’Pabo, why didn’t you tell me?’

‘Nothing special, really-!’

’It’s everything special-’

‘Shoosh! You’re drawing a lot of attention.’

‘Aish,’ Chaerin frowned. ‘Seriously?’

‘Why would I lie?’

‘What about the other Blackpink members? Have they ordered anything?’

‘No, Rosé is getting a bunch of cookies.’

‘Well, really? Did they tell the occasion?’

His jaw dropped. ‘Really?’


‘It’s Blackpink’s fourth debut anniversary!’

‘No- what-’ Chaerin stammered. She was a fan of Blackpink, or so she thought.


‘Forget it happened,’ she bit her lip and checked her watch. ‘Got to go, Love.’

‘I’ll see you at home?’

‘Of course,’

She kissed his cheek and left the bakery while scrolling through her news feed. Peeling her eyes away from my phone she crossed the street and walked back into the building.

‘Ah, there you are,’ Cheonja smiled. ‘I was looking for you.’

‘Thanks, but I’m an adult.’ Chaerin assured her.

‘You rarely act like one,’ Cheonja shrugged and smiled. ‘Well, anyway, we’ve got an inquiry.’

‘Another one? Okay…’

‘What happened?’ she asked Chaerin.


‘You want to go on a vacation don’t you?’ Cheonja chuckled. ’You are so predictable.’

‘You can’t blame me!’

‘I’m not blaming you.’ she rolled her eyes. ‘Well, take care of the inquiry for now.’

Chaerin nodded.

She walked into her office and sat down. Oh, what she would do for a vacation. She opened her laptop and did a search for: places to go for a vacation.

‘Aish, why am I even searching, I’d probably not be able to go, anyway.’ Chaerin muttered to herself.

Even as she said this, she found herself listing down some of the most extraordinary places.

‘Now where is that boy?’ Chaerin grumbled.

‘Which boy?’ Cheonja asked.

‘Long story short,’ Chaerin sighed. ’I was walking down trying to enjoy a muffin, and suddenly this young ch-child pops up out of nowhere and snatches my watch away!’

Cheonja burst out laughing. ‘Aish, Do you want me to get you a new watch?’

’Dear God, no, gwaenchanha (it’s ok).’ Chaerin inspected her now bare wrist. ‘I’ll either find that mischievous child or I’ll buy one myself, don’t use your money.’

‘Okay? I guess?’

Still inspecting her wrist, Chaerin described the child who stole her watch so that Cheonja could keep an eye out.

‘Alright, then,’ Cheonja nodded. ‘Oh, and the client is Bangtan Sonyeondan.’

What?’ Chaerin squealed. ‘I’m meeting Bangtan!’

‘Soon, soon,’ Cheonja said calmly. ‘Next week, most likely. Now don’t fall in love with them, you’ve got Hayeon.’

‘I’d never do that to Hayeon,’ Chaerin scowled. ‘I can’t believe you’d think I’d do something like that.’

‘Just saying,’ Cheonja shrugged. ‘Anyhow, you’re meeting them soon,’

‘Thanks, a lot.’ Chaerin smiled.

‘Your welcome,’

Chaerin wasn’t sure why Bangtan was going to be our client. What did we have that could help them? She had set up two businesses, one was making quality music products, and the other was movies. Well, she supposed they were coming for the music products.

Well, that probably meant somebody from Bighit would be coming for the meeting. Not Bangtan.

She had way too high hopes.

‘Chaerin!’ Hayeon barged into the office.

‘Yah! You scared the life out of me!’ Chaerin said as she dropped the stack of papers she was going to take out of her drawer.

‘Sorry, Love,’ Hayeon hurried over to help her get the papers. ‘But is it true? Bangtan Sonyeondan is going to come as your client?’

‘Well, yes,’ Chaerin smiled.

‘This is such an amazing opportunity!’ he cried. ‘Can I make my favorite-’

‘No,’ Chaerin said solemnly. ‘I can’t show favoritism to clients. They are first-time clients, they will be treated well, but not over the top.’

‘Aren’t you an adult Army?’

‘Yes, but in this building, I am just a businesswoman.’

‘I love you when you’re like this,’

‘I know you do.’

‘When are they coming?’

‘Soon, soon,’

When soon?’



’Is it so important?’



‘Just tell me!’

‘I don’t know yet! So, soon!’

He grumbled. Chaerin loved to annoy him like this. He groaned and complained as the last of the papers were put neatly on Chaerin’s desk.

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