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About how everything in life always changes andyou can’t stop things from changing.

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A New House

In life, everything around us is constantly changing. Whether it is moving house or changing schools or a new sibling being born. All I know is that you can’t stop change!

Today is the day we start packing our stuff because we are moving to a new house. Personally I don’t want to move because I have spent a long time decorating my room to make it perfect. I added: pink and blue, drop-down butterflies; LED lights below my neatly-made bed; an organised, pink and blue art desk ( obviously because art is my passion) and a pink wall with blue stripes that hung detailed masterpieces painted by me.

“Lia hope you’re packing!” Called Mum

“I am!” I replied

Our new house was stunning and, don’t get me wrong I love it, it was just...New.

So now my room is empty and all I have is an air mattress to sleep on. As I pick up my luggage (to put my clothes and art stuff inside) , I realize that this is probably the last time I’m ever seeing this room. A tear rolls down my eye. In my bag I put all my clothes, my chargers and portables, underwear, coats and jackets, decorations for my new room and all my devices apart my phone. Then I get a new bag to put my art supplies, such as: all my paints; paint brushes, water tubs, pink and grey organizers, towels to dry my paint brushes; canvases and box canvases. Lastly, I get or last bag to put all the glass and fragile stuff but I wrapped them with clothes to keep them safe.

The moving truck pulled up on our driveway and Dad went out to tell the helpers were the furniture were. They all went inside and one by one all the furniture went into the truck and eventually the whole house was empty. I rushed downstairs with my stuff (before the truck left) and shoved everything inside.

We all got into the car and we took one last look at our old house to say goodbye. Vroom. Just like that. We were off to our new house. We were not just off to a new house, we were off to a new life. It is going to be the beginning to something new. Everything is going to be so awkward.
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