Future Hope

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The story that will bring a brighter future.

Author K. H. Kelly
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Chapter 1

The Magic to the Future

In one of those days where there were nice breezes, Kara walked in the forest. She has always wanted to explore the world. But she was not allowed to go to any far away places.She was born with a type of sickness called Appearanzile. This type of sickness was a kind where it made her skin look awful. So whenever she goes outside, she has to wear a mask that would cover her full face and long sleeves and pants to cover her full body.

When she grew up, she finally got to escape from her early childhood. One morning, she woke up from the nightmare that she was having. The nightmare was a time where it took her to the future. She saw the world as a plane surface with nothing and no one else around as if the world has already ended. When she woke up, she realized that she has been sleeping on the grass for the whole night. The nightmare from last night had scared her so much. She wondered why she had that nightmare. Later that afternoon, she saw a bright and shiny thing that looked magical. Kara thought that she was in a daydream, but no, the thing appeared right in front of her eyes. So she walked towards the sparkling light point. As soon as she got closer and closer, she touched the light point and it was a magic map.

Kara predicted the future by using the magic map. The map took her back in time to the present or the future. It was kind of a flying car, except she had to just point to a place on the map. Then when she jumped in, she just had to say “present, future, past” and it took her to the timeline of the place that she wanted to go.

Then there was this moment when she was ten-years-old, Kara predicted the future, and that was a very bad moment. She had confirmed that there will be a huge disease running across the globe. It was smallpox. Nobody had expected this to happen. Yes, and Kara knew that she would be locked back in the orphanage again. Kara was a smart girl. She knew everything even thought she couldn’t go outside. The world was filled with uncertainties for Kara and she didn’t know what to do.

As the years went by, Kara grew to the age of twenty. Her dream finally came true. One day, her mind suddenly remembered the magic map. So she ran to the yard...and grabbed it in her hand, there was the spotlight!!!! Yes! So the spotlight did come from the map. Kara decided to touch the map, and…..she disappeared in the light.

Kara woke up from the light, this place was no where she knew. This place had sparkling trees, shiny rivers, green grass and pretty flowers. The sky is very blue. It was as if Kara was living in a dream. She walked towards a house next to the rivers. The house looked weird. The doorknob was square-shaped. Inside, there was a sparkling table, couple chairs and a huge vase filled with roses. Those chairs were upside down once she touched them.

It looks like there was some magic going on again. Right from the window, Kara saw the shiny rivers again. But this time, something weird happened. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a creature appeared in front of Kara’s eyes. It had large eyes, big mouth, and sharp claws. It was super scary for Kara because she has never seen a monster before. The monster tried to get Kara into his claws, but Kara ran away before the monster could catch her.

Kara wishes she could change her future. Just as she was thinking, her skin began to bleed. Then suddenly she remembered she was climbing the trees, and she stretched her elbow.

Alina, a girl holding a wind, came over to Kara. “Hi Kara”

“Hi? Who are you? And how did you know my name?”

“Hi, my name is Alina, I’m your godmother”

“Godmother?” Kara said surprisingly.

“Yes” Alina replied

“How did you find me?” Kara asked

“I found you by the shiny rivers “ Alina said

“What?” Kara gasped

“Yes, anyways, I’m here to help you find your future” Alina said as she began to fly again.

“Ok” Kara said with a small voice.

Just then, Alina took out her wand, waving the magic, saying the magic words.

But oh no! It didn’t work. Instead, Kara’s skin turned purple.

Alina tried and tried again and again, but however, she couldn’t find the perfect future for Kara. After saying the words again, but this time Kara said it herself. It did work! Kara’s skin was as clean as the table. Her face was as beautiful as a rose. Kara didn’t use a wand, because she didn’t have one. And she didn’t even need one, it was herself that thought she was an awful person. The more she thought about it, the more the skin breaks. Now that Kara finally has turned around, she is back to her normal self.

From this day on, Kara learned that everyone has to make their own choices.

After that, Kara eventually found her own path. She also has decided to help others like her. By the age of twenty-five, Kara became very passionate about this. She eventually traveled around the world and told her story to everyone in need.

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