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Santopazzo - Holy Psycho, a book that tells the story of the main character's crazy adventure. About his madness, the madness of the world and everyone. It's a strange book in its own way, and in its own cruel way mixed with absurdity, philosophy, yes anything. It's a must read, and not easy to describe.

Other / Mystery
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1 Chapter Fast Waves of Decency, What Is It?

- Ahaha, hello, my favorite geographer and writer.
I have a question for you for a long time.
- Come on, say it, sir, but hurry up, otherwise I'll be late for my writer's talk.
- Oh, a writer's conversation, I hope you don't drink there, not a good example for future writers, the future generation, although they are there... Okay, so, is it true that there is a city of Pazzburg on our planet?
- Haha well, my God, what a Pazzburg, my smile will fall from my face into a puddle, from this is the name.
- I see, so there is no such city anywhere.

Pazzburg 1999 Italia.

— And it was impossible to hit the ball harder with the ball, wasn't it?
- what? Yes, I can hit the ball harder. Let's see how I will hit with all my strength now - it will fly into the stratosphere.
- Come on, kick it already, chatterbox!
- Hya with all her might!
- Hi, everyone!
Dodged a ball hit.
- Oh hi, Jazzeppo, how did you dodge like that?
- Yes, hello Drennatto, but just by chance I was hiking, and who hit the ball so hard?
- And so it's Barnello, he hit so hard that the ball rolled so far away.
- Well,
usually it hits 40 meters, and then a little more means 50 meters in a straight line from where you came
— - Okay, let's go then I'll go for this ball, and you wait for me here.
- Okay, we'll wait here for now.

Jazzeppo ran for the ball.
Damn, where is he? I think I walked 50 meters.
He took the next step. And I realized one subtle detail. He stepped on a nail.
He didn't realize it right away, but the pain was already moving into his brain, and that's what happened next.
Tears, Tears, tears, I quickly ran home, limping on one leg.
Judging by this, the pain was very strong, what he felt at that moment is a mystery to us.
- Mom!
- Son, what happened or happened?
— I stepped on a rusty nail with my foot.
- Get on the bed quickly! Immediately.
His mother quickly checked his leg and took out the necessary medicines.
— Everything will be fine, just don't cry, please.
- Okay, Mom, I won't cry.
He started twitching.
- Son, why are you making movements with this?
He doesn't say anything.
- I don't understand you son, what's wrong with you why are you foaming in your mouth now, why are you silent, stop being silent, what's wrong with you!!!
His son's face became emotionless. The whole body began to shake very violently. After about 2 minutes, his body was covered with red-blue spots, he began to shake harder. The mother is in a stupor, just looks at him, with her face and that's it, that's it.
The smell from it was terrible, it stank more than from the most disgusting slops, it became rotten?
It took 5 minutes and 27 seconds, his body and eyes began to deplete, as if water was being pumped out of him. The mother just looks at her condition, as her face is terrible. The son tries to say something, but it turns out only fragments of sounds. His mother started yelling at him. But these are already empty sounds for him, he probably won't ever hear her again. Son, son...
during this period of time, his father came into the room and began to laugh, laugh, so much so that he choked in his drool.
— What's wrong with him?" Is he wearing a suit of some kind? I should have worn a clown costume, not a swamp monster of some kind.
The wife is silent.
— I thought he was walking now, but he's playing an actor, son, get up already!
"Don't go near him!"
- Hahaha, what will happen to him?
- Get as far away as possible.
— So why? I don't really understand you.
The son began to swing from side to side. He froze abruptly, his mouth began to waver, of its own accord. And he vomited buckets of blood. The eyes popped out and blood from these places began to flow and some strange liquid, the color of yellow-green.
The mother is covered in blood, stands and just looks.
Ahhh, in the following moments, the boy began to move.
"Are you moving?" Are you really alive? But how?
He couldn't say anything, his father was running around like a chicken all over the house in search of sedatives. When he came back, he asked her.
— Is he still alive?
- Yes, he is alive.
I went up to him in a tight.
- I'm sorry, please, I thought it was not serious.
Hearing these words, the boy began to make sounds similar to goose sounds mixed with bear and wolf sounds.
- Calm down! We have already called the doctors a long time ago, but they are not going!
He looked at him and immediately jumped like a rabbit and hit him with his hands. The blows were so strong that his hands came off, and the hands themselves clung to his dad's neck. And in turn, he began to squeal like a pig, this flesh did not want to let him go, and as a result, dad fell to the floor.
And the little one, he began to throw his fingers in a random trajectory. Three fingers popped into his mother's eyes, which made her blind, and she began to cry. His fingers were covered with vomit and the boy's blood.
He walked towards the window.
The mother moans in pain, more terrible than from the dark darkness. He just doesn't hear these sounds and goes to the window. His leg abruptly broke off and fell to the floor, causing more blood to ooze out of him. He doesn't care about all his pain anymore, he wants to go out the window for some reason.
When he reached it, he tried to open his mouth, but his tongue came off and fell into the bottom, and the bottom was a lake. Jump, at that moment, his hands came off and flew separately with him.
Flying belly up, he sees his mother who looks at him with horror, and he just lies in the water. His consciousness no longer exists, has died, but the smile on his ugly face remains. The current takes him away from his home, he is just like a raft moving through the water when his body floated to the other side of the lake. It lay for a long time in the sun and really looked like almost a skeleton, there are no arms, no legs, but something is left?
14: 32 local time, a certain girl with black hair and orange eyes came to the lake, and saw a strange object lying on the shore. I went up to him and realized that it was the corpse of a boy. Looking around, she did not see a single human soul.
- It's good that there are no people here, I feel so sorry for you, little man.
She ran her fingers over his body.
It's a pity that you're dead, I would be interested to know what you look like in a living state. I don't know if I'll ever find out. She kissed her dried lips and accidentally saliva from her mouth fell into Jazzeppo's mouth.
- Well, I went, while the mysterious, dead boy. It's a pity that you can't hear me, and I'm just walking around talking to myself. His head turned the other way.

How he was able to turn his head is not clear, but most likely it was done by the wind.

3 hours, passed in steps forward, after this event.
- Robberto, ow, come here quickly!
— What Saajo, do you want to express something interesting to me or say something?
- Yes, there is a lake near us, at the bottom of which there may be remains of quite ancient civilizations, do you understand what I'm talking about?
- Oh, yes, of course, tell all our colleagues that we are going to explore that lake today.

After 5 hours and 25 minutes. A group of archeologists arrived, and searches began on that big lake.
- Can you wait for me here? I'm running off on business right now.
— Yes, no problem, I give you 5 minutes, okay?
- Of course.

— What the hell is this, lying near the lake?
It's a skeleton! This is the first time I see a human corpse, it has no arms, legs, some kind of horror.
At this moment, the water began to boil, as if dumplings were being prepared there, but alas, it turns out to be a huge worm.

Namely, Algrabillo-taris.
The worm is a predator,7-10. 4 meters long. Weight 70-205 kg.
- It's a fucking worm!
He rammed this man into the side of the skeleton, which fell on him and began to bleed. The worm began to devour the archiologist, he screamed terribly, all parts of his body were bleeding. Many liters of blood poured into the skeleton of Jazzepp, something strange, terribly strange, began to happen, namely, in Jazzepp, the tissues of his skin, organs and other things slowly began to form.

It began to rain, at first it was not strong, but in the next seconds it intensified.
And Zhazzeppo, very quickly began to recover.
The worm has almost eaten all the meat of the archiologist and will soon begin to taste the skin. Well, who knew that he had tastes like the aristocrats of the 19th century themselves.

23 minutes, that's exactly how long it took, what he said.

— What was that?"
His heart began to beat again, just like the last, last time. He's already fully trained. And he felt like a new person, but not completely so yet.

— In front of me, there is some kind of skeleton, covered in blood and near it, a huge sordelka or whatever it is...

It looks like a huge worm from my biology textbook. I feel like he's about to pounce on me.
- Come on, attack, show me your energy.
A grip, a blow, and he was with the capacity of 10 nuclear power plants.
- It's a pity, of course, that the worm died from my blow, cooled his fist.
Somehow I feel bad.
Jazzeppo fell, just fell.

"Um, where am I?" Why am I lying on the bed now, why has my whole body become bigger, at least compared to the past. And really... Hooray, I have a big one in my underpants. It wasn't there before, but now it sticks out! It is incomprehensible to the mind, I was reborn, like from cartoons or movies.
I'm wondering why someone is knocking on my door now. In short, open it.
- Will you have coffee with Jazzeppo?
- Um, Mom, is that you?
- Son, yes, did you sleep a lot again?
- Will you forgive me for that?
- Ahem, my son, and for what is this?
- Great, oh, that is, yes, bring coffee.
- Okay, I'll get it right away.
You can go crazy, they will bring me coffee, I have never drunk it in my 9 years. It will be interesting to taste it. It's so cool that something bad happened and now I'm a human again, and not a dead skeleton. So Mom, where do you climb yourself, give me coffee already.
— Here you go and don't drown.
- Yes, everything will be fine.
Sister Jazzeppo, good morning to you, brother.
- what?
"Like what?" Good morning!
— You're such an adult!
- Oh, thank you, but I'm only 16 now.
— What, fuck!
- Don't swear, please!
— Oops, I'm sorry.
Mom, why did you forgive me for what I did many years ago?
- Jazzeppo, what did you do?
- Well, I had a strange illness, and because of it I almost killed all of you.
The mother is silent.
- Son, so it wasn't you, but your brother.
— How in what sense? I didn't have a brother?
— I'd rather not talk, okay, son?
And by the way, it's time for you to go to school now.
"Oh, all right.
- Go ahead!

School 8: 11
Jazzeppo came to his class.
- Hello, everyone!
- Oh hi, Jazzeppo, how are you doing?
- Oh, everything is fine.
- Oh, hi, Jazzeppo.
- Hi, what's your name?
- Jisella, we've known each other for 10 years?
- Um, aphchikh, but yes, I just forgot you a little. And so you are very even...
- The lesson has begun! By the way, you have not forgotten that your exams will begin soon.
Jazeepo, what is she saying! What the hell are his exams! So I got into a puddle of our stupid world. Why, I didn't think of this in advance! Okay, I'll pretend that I'm delving into the topic.
It's been 26 minutes.
- Can I get out?
- Yes, you can go out for a couple of minutes.
I went to the same place in need.
Wow, the watch is lying on the floor. Probably someone is trying to catch me on this? Well, I'll take them. They are golden! And it's strange why they take years, and not hours. Really, this is what I imagine...
yes, it's a toy time machine!
I'm not so small as to think that this is really a real time machine. Therefore, I will try to move the arrow forward one day. For the weekend!
Op, it seems like I moved the arrow.
Eh, nothing has changed in the campaign.
He blinked his eyes.
Am I in the crib? I didn't even imagine such a turn of events. But where is my watch?
I think it was a dream, or they were stolen, but it's a pity.
Hmm, what should I do now?
Probably go to eat something delicious in the kitchen. Because my appetite has become very strong. Especially the ambassador of that lady. She is what it makes sense to go there for. Otherwise, I wouldn't go.
- Son, are you talking to yourself?
- Oh, yes, what's wrong?
- Be quiet, please, speak.
Zhazzeppo, eats literally like a tractor. It wasn't the only potato dish he liked so much.
It's a delicious dish, I would like more additives, but I've already eaten everything.

Mom, listen, son, I see you're not really busy here. So I give you two options
— - And what are these options?
- either you wash all the dishes in the house, or go for a walk outside.
- Okay, I'm going for a walk or something.

I'll just change into normal clothes and everything will be fine.

Through a misunderstanding of his brain, Jazzeppo was still able to get dressed properly and go for a walk. The breeze caressed his hair, and the weather became warmer and warmer.
— How my world has changed! I didn't even imagine such a future.
How many moments and years of my life have I flown by. There may have been pain and suffering. But on the aphids, because it is still not clear how I did it. I knew almost from birth that our world, far and near, is simple. We have already been able to understand, discover, and create many things, but we ourselves have changed little in terms of the soul. And if they have changed, it is not in what was needed. Sad or sad, but a fact. Perhaps I should think about easier questions in my head.

Nature, what we understand perfectly at first glance. But few people can fully realize and feel it. All of it! Aesthetics, real at that, and not an invention of the people themselves. Beauty, precision, subtlety, tenderness. Yes, nature can be cruel at the same time, but this is how this holy galaxy is built. Her laws, not mine, I can't do anything about it. The most I can do is talk about it and listen to it and enjoy it. It is motley in my soul, realizing that not every person can feel it. I want to give him this opportunity to finally see one of the main meanings of life. There are many such people. I can't help everyone.

Now the year 2008 is already on the calendar, technologies are already developing rapidly. We are modern people, but what is modernity? Money becomes the very life, the very goal. The madness of people and their stupidity will kill everything beautiful! They are already killing love and higher feelings, they are almost gone. Everything is collapsing, families, peoples, traditions, morals. Welcome-moronism, destruction, hypocrisy, falsehoods, money. There is no music, it is dead, just like art. It is not there, perhaps art, like some other things, were temporary, up to a certain time, and just then disappeared. It seems that there is more freedom, but where! Yes, there is no place for it, everyone wants to go to Italy or to Europe and the USA. Thinking that life is perfect here, no! There are some disadvantages, there are very big ones. But I'm afraid to talk about them, even mentally. Maybe the thinkers around me will pass, and they will understand what I'm thinking about. And then I don't want to think about it anymore. I'm going to sit on a bench and think about whether white coffee is delicious. Which a classmate told me about.
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