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I am Emily and 15 years old. I live in an orphanage. People don't think of orphanage as nice place. But I am satisfied with my life in the orphanage. There is one thing that I feel jealous of the other kids. I don't have anyone to call Mom and Dad but they have. I wish that someone had come to adopt me. So I can call them Mom and Dad.

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My Life In The Orphanage

I am Emily and 15 years old. I live in an orphanage. People don't think of orphanage as nice place. My mother passed away after my birth and so my father married another woman. My stepmom didn't want me. So my father left me in the orphanage to get rid of me. But I am satisfied with my life in the orphanage. The other kids there and I were happy most of the time. There is a school in the orphanage. Me and the other kids learn together in the school. We play together, eat together and sleep together. The people who work there are kind to us. There is a Sister called Marie. She cares me as her own daughter. One thing that keeps me worrying is I don't have mom and dad. They have Dad and Mom but I don't. Only 4 or 5 kids get adopted each month. I don't have anyone to call Mom and Dad. I miss those words in my life.

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